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Horn dot com who has the best points per game or appearance on around the horn history. Yours truly, okay, I've actually. And so I will on that one suck on that one terrible thing to suck on. Think about that the stats on around the horn. But now with Stu gods end. Look, you've always said this, Dan, what makes him endearing is the fact that he has the qualities of someone we'd all hate. But yet we still love. It's weird. Man. Right. I mean, that's just the reality. We love him the most unlikeable lovable person in the history of love. It's not even debatable. Like again. I will stay on the phone with stugatz for an hour. And all we're doing is laughing and also kind of like pinky and the brain trying to figure out how to take over the world and he's filled with lies in scams. Right. Yes. Oh, well, when you weren't here, I came in and did the show with the guys, and we did these seven Stu guts reveals it's kind of like the seven deadly sins, including once where he almost left you for me. That's right. We tried that about ten times and realize the money stays here. Tried to try to use me that's has Lowry's against you. He's used like seven of my friends is leverage. Yes me. I just realized that Stu tomorrow is going to be jealous of Sodano for filling in force through. Gods on the radio show. Tadesse correct. Yeah. That's correct. And by the way, you can also catch me on the jump tomorrow on Friday to Stu gods, if another place that's through God's isn't allowed. Well, I got him on the jump. Oh my God. Well, that's it. They've got a great see. Stugatz. I don't I think the only person at the company's got spheres is actually Saddam's. I know where the bodies are very literally. I literally pointed that out I was here a couple of months ago. And if you you don't you think we're lying. This is what I'm telling you. It's unfortunate. We don't have more time to discuss this some other times Sodano helped Stu gods. Hide a dead body..

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