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I don't try and force my opinion on anyone. I'm you can draw your own conclusions from the facts. Hey, Michael. Joe was telling us during the break that he heard that antifa was allowed to the front of the line. They away of the antifa Busses through and they are allowed to riot first yesterday. 70 chosen for Mark Somebody, woman remarks emotions for you for warming up this material, but no, no. Listen, I try and have an open mind on this thing. I know, Len you you've got like a He shoot her mind over there. You know, it's all your way. Um, I tried looking. I listen. Everything What? You know, Try harder job and I'm pretty. I'm presenting. Fax people could make their own conclusions. Okay, fine. But you called me a pea brain. Just curious, You know, finally, finally here. Speaking of fact that you presented very well, Joe. Yeah was a bit but listen and listen to this one talking about drawing your own conclusions. Uh, the New York City Police Department released the crime stats last night. And basically, they said Crime in New York City went down in 2020. What's all that stuff you saw? All used last week? They said all the crime went up. Oh, come on now. The fact that Scott Oh, that's ridiculous. This is what the department released Stats last night, revealing crime actually dropped to a record low. From 2019 in 2020. Listen, we get some of the numbers here. So basically there were only 95,552 incidents, Probably because they don't arrest people anymore, but so true, But okay, So they say that with one breath, and then next, then they add, but there was a 97% increase in shootings and a 44% increase in murders. Great. I am. Crime is balance, Of course mess. Oh, my God. We've got to get our buddy Bill Bratten on again to kind of sort Those numbers out. All right. Thanks, Joe. Hey up Next audience favorite Ron Kuby joins us. He's these civil rights attorney now, But here's initially think is Ron. You never quite know where Ron is going to go with his interesting breaks. Truth. Does he think Trump should be removed from office for telling people just to go March? Interesting question for Ron Kuby coming up next. If you've avoided certain activities because your mobility isn't like it used to be or you're living with nagging pain. Then you need to make an appointment with my friends at Trinity Rehab. They will restore your freedom to live life pain free. It's cutting edge state of the art physical therapy that will improve your life. Trinity Rehab has the E Pat Machine. It's It's FDA approved is non surgical acoustic. Pressure wave technology is similar to what used to break up a kidney stones because it breaks up scar tissue. It enhances healing, and it gets rid of pain fast. That's the key. It's effective for back and neck pain, tennis, elbow shoulder tendonitis, plantar fascia itis and the pain in just 35 minute sessions. You could be virtually pain free. It's so effective that Olympic athletes and into your professional football team.

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