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Look i'll just make sure that that. That is on top of him throughout his training camp will they were on top of him throughout this training camp. He tested positive and they were saying who cares the fight anyway. So so maybe there's going to be a change made to the way. The wbz runs clean boxing program. But but they come out of this looking. The couldn't look worse. In my opinion to as far as this whole thing goes and it really speaks to how poorly policed. Pdr in boxing. It's the wild wild west and everyone says until we have a national commission. Let's stop talking about a national commission because it's not happening. so how. how can you fix it moving forward when you have people adhering to two different standards to different organizations and then Doing different things even chris. Because if you remember in your great state of massachusetts three years ago dimitrius android was supposed to fight. Billy joe saunders and what was the good fight up. There was at the the boston. celtics arena. It was a fight. People wanted to see was a pay per view fight or anything but it was good. Fight for zone. And billy joe saunders. Android were both undefeated at the and everything. And it's a very similar instance in that billy joe. Saunders tested positive. He said that came from a nasal spray or something but it was a very similar thing in that it was allowed in competition but not out of competition and although the massachusetts state athletic commission adheres to wada code just like tribal commission does the massachusetts state apathetic commission refused to license. Billy joe saunders. Because they said you saw you willingly signed up for vata testing and you did not adhere to what the what the list of banned substances so so. The massachusetts commission did the right thing and now the arizona commission had the opportunity to do this the the similar right thing and did the complete opposite. It's incredible. I mean you think of a sport where it's more important to earn the side of caution when it comes to drug testing in boxing. I can't miss people at looking. You know we're not being melodramatic in any way set people's lives like literally every time you walk up the steps you don't know any certainty that you're coming down. You don't know that. I mean this is a brutal brutal sport you know we have an eighteen year old woman dying within the last week a and maybe she wasn't protected. The right way as it turns out. And you know it's a brutal sport and anything that can be done to make it just a little bit safer because it's inherently dangerous but anything that can be done to make it safer should be done and if you're on board with it not being done shame you shukor. Stevenson made the point in your story about what happens if you know valdez. If not pop then hit somebody in the back of head cause serious injury or even death to his fighter and then it was revealed that he was positive for something. I feel like that's a question of when not if that's going to happen like that's going to happen at some point. Someone's going to get seriously hurt or killed and we're gonna find out after the fact that the fighter that did the damage was on a banned substance and then you're comes all the mainstream attention that you want on that comes the congressional hearings here. Comes everything else box needs to get in front of us. They need to be proactive on this and they refused every step of the way they refused it..

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