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The Mountains God itself where it is the home of God's non as a place of worship, the mountain, Paradise or garden. is a place where the ancestors of the dead may reside a source of cultural identity, a source of healing, or or just a source of water, which makes sense because I mean. Goes Downhill exactly. And also as a place of renewal. So are again. Ten broad themes Birnbaum identifies in the identity and characterization of sacred mountains right well, we can look for these and examples of mountains that we talk about so maybe I'll offer up one example of a mountain to think about, and then maybe after that take a break and then look at some other. Okay, but this first one is one. I mentioned in the episode where we talked about pressure. Because I think it's a commonly cited example of a very important holy mountain that's holy in multiple religions, not just one. And this would be. The peak was its peak in the Himalayas known as Mount Kailash. Lhasa, and so this is a holy mountain in multiple religions in Hinduism. This mountain is believed to be the abode of Lord. Shiva the destroyer of evil and of his wife Parvathi who together sit in Meditation Summit of the mountain, and so the sight of Mount. Mount Kailash a destination of pilgrimage for many Hindus who climb fifteen thousand feet, or about four point six kilometers up this ascent path to the base of the mountain, but do not climb it summit. In fact, climbing the sacred summit is forbidden, and while we can't know for sure. It's often said that the summit has never been climbed by a human. Instead it's believed virtuous for pilgrims to walk in a circle around the base of the mountain, but not go up to the summit and this of course is not just a holy site for Hindus as I was saying, but it's also holy for Buddhists for Jane's and for people of the indigenous religion of Tibetan on his bone. Yes, a very ancient animist religion. Yeah, now if you look at what a picture of Mount Kailash looks like from below. I mean. I'd say obviously I. Already know this about it when I've seen pictures of it, but it's not hard to. See how person looking up at this peak would begin to think that something powerful and holy and forbidden resided. There does not look welcoming to ascent like it doesn't look easy to climb. And I think there's something powerful about that to see a place and think. I mean especially in today's Day and age to think Oh, wonder if people have ever been on that spot as a person ever stood there, and if the answer is even possibly no, there is something sacred about that like we've. We've pretty screwed everything else up, but that one peak is is pristine. You will not find a slim Jim Rapper there. Yeah and that does seem important. Right I mean part of the issue is. Anytime there's a mountain that people say has not been climbed. Obviously, people are gonNA WANNA climate, so I've been reading. There's political controversy over this. It's like I think there was one point I read a team of Spanish mountain, climbers who announced that they were going to climb the mountain, but it's a it's a holy site. You're not supposed to climb it even though I think the team. They were not Hindus the so they didn't share this belief. Belief about the religious forbidden this of the mountaintop, but the government authorities prevented them from climbing the mountain i. think just because they wanted to avoid this..

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