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You're listening to WTO pneumo. 1253, the anniversary of Russia's invasion of Ukraine is just about a week away. And Russia is ratcheting up. Its number of reinforcements in its latest offensive. A Ukrainian military spokesman doesn't believe that Moscow can keep growing its forces. They have a lot of manpower. They're sending a lot of troops. I don't think that's sustainable for them to keep attacking this way. There are places where their bodies are just piled up. There's a trench where they just don't evacuate. So we're going to do it they were killed. And they just leave them there and send more waves and waves of people. Ukraine claims it shot down Russian balloons floating over Kyiv on yesterday. The military saw at least a half dozen of them, authorities don't know what their purpose was. Africa's public health body says it hopes vaccines will finally arrive on the continent in another two weeks after months of seeking doses. Those doses will go first to Congo and Nigeria, countries with acute needs and the largest overall burden. Formerly known as monkeypox was renamed last year because of racism concerns, it's a rare disease caused by a virus that's in the same family as smallpox. Is the D.C. housing authority overpaying for vouchers on apartment rents for low income residents. A Washington Post investigation says the authority often does, because it does not inquire whether it's payments or lined up with market prices. The post gave one example where the landlord of a man living in a substandard apartment in northeast was paid nearly $2500 in vouchers when average average rents in the neighborhood are about 1600 a month. In one quarter of cases, the housing authority will pay the top and price cap to a landlord who asks for it, even though the apartment may be worth much less. The prices are based on the number of bedrooms, and it has prompted some developers to reconfigure units to add a bedroom in an original space just to get extra money. Money news a 25 and 55 brought to you by pen fed credit union, great rates for everyone. Here's Jeff claw

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