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After fox news radio you're listening to 93 wibc wibc hd one indianapolis it's five o'clock live from new york duff fox report i missed the brady the white house keeping up the pressure on republican senator obama care has failed and obama care must go vice president mike pence in his home state indiana moments ago but the latest gop plan is in jeopardy oxygen help aren't live in washington near there's been a major setback for that lastditch repeal and replace spill arizona republican john mccain is announced opposition riding in a statement he cannot in good conscience vote for the grand cassidy proposal that bill authored by republican senator lindsey graham and bill cassidy is designed the shift healthcare spending in the block grants for states kentucky's rand paul has also announced opposition gop leaders can afford only two republican no boats main susan collins indicates she's leaning no and alaska's lisa murkowski who has expressed concerns lisa thanks jared mass evacuations in puerto rico already reeling from hurricane maria we saw the electrical grid the infrastructure here crumble from hundred and fifty mile an hour winds and now we're hearing more horrible reports about other infrastructure being destroyed a damn a major dam in the far northwest of the hour what a haka damp has collapsed they were evacuating two towns in buses while that damn was collapse and harragan in san juan because of flooding debris and the islandwide power outage the extent of damage and casualties across much of puerto rico remains unknown bright now we're still in the lifesaving rescue mohd and then hopefully we we will push more into the life sustain an load over the next forty eight seventy two hour hema chief brock long as emergency generators are being delivered to kiera is you get critical infrastructure including hospitals back up and running wall street ends the week with a split decision the gouge john nine points the sp than ass higher fair and between wip pc mobile news all the level of the co why my pants which tax reform partly cloudy ninety one degrees the showers won't last will be mainly clear overnight and your weekend will be mostly sunny and hot i've stand lear here's what's trending advisable to the government's making your work too hard villa at your tax forms his vice president mike pence who brought his appeal for support of the trump tax reform plan.

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