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He has four thousand yards in twenty five touchdowns in the Bank. And to your point, there may not be a high ceiling there, but it's a very high floor. And if you were going to wait on quarterback, you could certainly do much worse than Philip rivers who's gonna hover around the ten to twelve area for quarterbacks here and to your point, he's going QB Twenty-one Melvin Gordon as a vice grip per handshake. I learned that today and I think I'm still a little bit Bruce from it. He is ranked inside our top ten amongst running back to average trap isn is ten amongst running. Backs were right there in the neighborhood where he deserves to be. I guess my question would be is their reason why we overlook Mel Gordon this part of that potential top tier running back Ari overlooking or is there a big eighty factor to him versus a guy like saquon Barkley, Alvin Kamara who seems to write head of it? My only thing with Melvin Gordon and you have to nitpick which of this law I haven't. I haven't rby eight. So in his ADP is ten. So I haven't higher than where he is going, but just to your question, it's just a lot of it's fantasy value who's come from touchdowns in the last couple of years has been a touched on the sheen. Twenty. Four twenty four times in the last twenty nine games member that rookie year. Of course we didn't score anything and he's been making up for and it's just if you look at the numbers, they don't totally pop up the screen, but he's just such a touchdown machine. And so with a. Theory, a healthier supporting cast as he gets something out of Mike Williams this year in terms of the chargers. I mean, so for me, that's the only reason thing little bit, but I will say fifteen carries and five catches in more than twenty five percent of his career games. He has eleven games over the past three years. Only lady on bell has more over the past three years. So again, it's it's a running back that touches the ball, a ton, and we just talk about how important volume is and it seems like the. He's he's injury-free yet. I mean, he actually talked today about the skill of saying healthy seventy. I came to the NFL people always on him like the biggest thing, especially for running back where your life span in the league is so short that kept telling you gotta stay healthy and he was like, why do people keep talking about this? And they said, and then I start playing the realize like it's really tough as running back to stay healthy. There was a lot of chatter down there today though about the dish, Mike pouncey at Senator though, and how that may actually help open because his ability to pull and that may actually help Melvin Gordon open up the holes for him. Yeah. I mean, he's never averaged over four yards a carry like he's not particularly efficient, but in the ballgame, it's just they're not only was there a lot of chatter about Mike Pence another, but there are more than a few whispers about Austin equity? Not do. You're right now. It was like a ball Show show me. me give me an Austin. Equa whisper just was because I wasn't there. Just bring it to life for me. We've never that guy that credit kid who was like the back of the Melvin Gordon last year who had sixteen point three points per game with four games in which he had at least eight touches. Wait, did the people hearing about Austin equa OSA Wismer back, or do they talk more. Oh, tell me more about Austin. No, this filed away, not having catapulted of any rankings, but a lot of people said, we need to find ways to keep Austin equa on the field, not in lieu Melvin Gordon necessarily, but perhaps. Kind of APR leonine game a name to keep on the radar for perhaps by leaks, Kim. Now in top six wide receiver across the board for us as eighty five. Allen? Yeah, Kim..

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