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That the third vase yet jake taylor taylor is going wrong i love the movie jake taylor trying to get like that out for for ricky vaughn and like the guy comes the plate and he basically brings up wife in the guy like files up you ever that like just sort of the plant my an easy in taylor's like yeah you know who knows you've was el salvador answer basis like he was choose with somebody else apparently that stuff actually happens pair of this actually goes on ramsey that wasn't the case that he was just pointing out that asia agb ag green is week was folks it was what it was a new was bags there'll be farewell vouchers quarter you got quartering to redeem himself a football down and gdas is small gm's or what what what what does he who's facts small a so good uh week i mean he's i'm sorry tara lou what you say because he week i'm a guy gotta gotta got it we're gonna we're gonna mix isn't the arsenal it's it's amazing r russell westbrook and the thunder are off to a bit of a struggle and i'm not going to pretend that the immediate redemption from my perspective that they're very probably gonna be underachieving a lot of really good teams that have a bunch of new personalities underachiever early and figured out later in these vocal personalities to merge together paul george his own sort of things melo we all know that's about ross has is so accustomed him the ball is hands but ciller foreign six and they're really interesting 'cause they have one of the best net ratings in the game in a plusminus defense efficiency radionov and sufficiency rating but interestingly when you put all three guys in the florida together there rating drops sleep jelly significantly when when these guys out on the floor together their rating dropped sharply a plus by 13 j two zero only two of them on.

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