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Cap what doc, in feebis cat company that's a new she changed the name I love how by the way I met her at super supervisor this year she. Was on the show we'll replay that such. A good show but so great To see how would love. To hang out with her a, little bit more more but she's actually. A veterinarian and she's well well well versed on cats anyway. So she crazies product and she starts getting these incredible emails and videos back saying I, have very. Happy cap now. My cat. Has lost weight my cat is. Active and they're. Just more more of. A cat satis satisfy cap and she said it's the most amazing thing to. Receive those emails in those. Videos because she's she's she understands cats, so incredibly well She's trying to work on something she can put, wet, food in it, but you know She'll get there she will get there because ideally you cast have wet food because. You want them to have moisture in the diet really important that, moisture and the diet. And unless you've got a cat that goes and drinks on command, then you need to you need to put the moisture back into their diet. For them but She's a fantastic veterinarian isn't she JIMBO dock Phoebe, again Doc doc. And. Phoebe cat company dot. And Phoebe Phoebe dot. Com okay, worse at the end thank you for that but yeah so so this is this is what we're, talking about about letting your cap cat understanding can't behaviors and you can. Get so much. Information if the so much out there it's very exciting a couple, of the, veterinarians that you can follow. Is doctor Dr Marty Becker, and also Dr Sophia yin she she did pass away but still. Continues and all of findings of research is on that, if you don't turn. A little? Bit more. About cats That was a long one. Let's take a quick break, we'll be back when we come back we'll talk a little bit. About fear free certificates and a pit bull ban and Yeah that's that's. Always a big topic isn't. It we'll be right back listen to, Vegas rock dog radio with me Samuel host the Queen of rock and roll dogs Culture I love cleaning the litterbox said no one ever luckily.

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