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Financial printing now the news Joe Biden won big in the South Carolina presidential primary picking up sixty percent of the votes cast by non white voters responded by nobles reports by his win was bigger than the Bernie Sanders campaign expected ahead of super Tuesday it was the big bump that Joe Biden was looking for we'll have to see how this all turns out because Sanders has been able to spend a lot more money and time in those super Tuesday states and Joe Biden has until this point and they still believe that Tuesday's going to be a very strong night for the Sanders campaign the U. S. has now realized its first coronavirus death a man in his fifties from Washington state governor Jay Inslee declared a state of emergency directing state agencies to use all resources necessary to respond to the outbreak disagreeing with U. S. Taliban peace deal time table Afghanistan's president says he will not free thousands of Taliban prisoners ahead of all Afghan power sharing talks next week another crew set now this Bloomberg sports on TV was shut down for hitting a week before spring training began with soreness in his right shoulder and the Yankees our judges continue to dock feline fact is undergoing an MRI and other tests to try and find out what's ailing him Aaron Boone Saturday said that right now they are in a holding pattern with judge split squad games for the bombers Gerrit Cole in two two thirds innings to win over the Tigers the other half of the team beat the red Sox five two that's got to any from Stephen Manson beating the Astros two to one thanks to the garden outscored the bulls won twenty five to one fifteen Mitchell Robinson came off the bench to put up twenty three points while Julius Randle chipped in with twenty two coverages hotter planet something we typically are dominating thank your coverage is a hundred points and Taj Gibson knows that the next dominated down low execute the recalls one of the students since it's a detail I was a bright spot was our coach gave us some great corners and resolved are we not be able to get stops for society in all I think that was big for us to have that extra six game slide in Miami that's had a chance to tire go ahead late but Spencer Dinwiddie threw the ball away with one point seven seconds to go they fell to the heat one sixteen one thirteen Kenny Atkinson liked his team's fight to rally back from a deficit down fourteen eight.

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