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Dutch from from the underground and also just note that they think he's going to get about twenty five. Maybe thirty touches starting at least the first couple of games or what not trying to get back into the picture. If you have zeke ezekiel elliott on your team and you know must have come in a very high first or second round at the latest. What's your thoughts as far as playing him. Do you play him right away. Do you have have no choice. I mean if you picked zeke. You elliott most likely you don't have that greater depth that running back after him so most likely you gotta go ahead even with with the limited amount of touches you gotta go ahead and play him correct. Yeah you hit the nail on the head. I mean at that point unless you really play in a a smaller league or people were asleep at the wheel on the second and third round of your draft. You're forced to start him. You know he's playing whether he's in shape or not. I don't know he claims to be working out in kabul but you have to. I think kinda kinda to the other factor involved here is the giants don't have the most stout defence who knows maybe they spell elliott a few times and he gets them. Goal-line looks and he gets you a touchdown so so at this point. It's kind of looking at it like a real team. You're paid the guy the top bucks in this case a first round draft pick play him roll the dice spin fewer going up against a <hes> the chicago bears or maybe the rams defense. Maybe you kinda give it thought but not this week stardom and like i said hope he gets you one of those cheap b._t.'s or maybe a few catches and receiving yards hopefully that'll be the case to make the best of very messy situation i should say and and hopefully for zeke elliott fans and also fantasy football team owners that have as you go elliot on their team. Hopefully it will still manage to be a good season. I don't know how great it will be because then you get into a situation where those players with those long holdouts. They have a tendency to get injured. The percentages seemed to go up for them to get injured as being more likely so i've been kind of worried and hopeful that i have enough depth on my running back roster absolutely that's it's an excellent way of putting it and frankly in this game. We love and play running backs. Get her all the time. It's just hard to predict whether holdout or not you're gonna have a fluke injuries so i say take take it week by week and worry about it down the road but it's definitely a good way of looking at it my friend. It's been a great episode. I gotta have you on real soon. After the the dust is settled on week one of the n._f._l. United still workout times as far as when you're available to do so but you are definitely going to be a major part of insight sports fantasy issue football going forward. I gotta ask you my friend before we had on out and that is what do you and charles smith junior the host that both you are of of the insights board show what you to scheming up for this season of insight sports all thanks again for the opportunity. I'm looking forward to a great season in doing this. Show a lot of friends and even co workers giving good feedback and even asked me when the first episode was and i told them after i finished my draft but that's i guess a little more like insider information nation but on the show are actually doing a bit of a reboot to the most popular segments we we've had gotten feedback from the audience on our our pick segment and fantasy football also i'll probably be giving some more of my nuggets whether it's who to pick up to drop who to start those sorts of things and then charles and i started a few years ago where we had a segment called gamblers blurs the late and thanks to the supreme court in my home state of new jersey gambling's not as evil as everyone makes it out to be as you know the fine state of nevada so we had a scene team charles was he picking over under and being the contrary and i am at times i would pick an underdog a really good year last year..

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