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He's got a. He's got a white tuxedo on with the frilly back. Then now is the big pig and your and your sister looks like. She's a doll. Just out of approximately person just came out of the box yes seton. Can i ask a question about that. you're just did. Why in the world does paul have that picture. Ready to go very fair question justice occasion that is completely came out of context. There was absolutely no reason. You're saying that based in the text chain that was happening. It was one of the most bizarre thing that ever sent to. You have that picture. I save everything content wise from the show but it was from a look in the todd. Did he said he sent picture around. And then yesterday. Todd was sending multiple texts on a topic and he was double sending things. And you guys are all making good jokes. And it's like. I'm just going to put this on the bed through the picture around. So so strange. Fritzy senate taxed and then it said You know failed to note back saying failed to sense. I said it again. I'm not gonna make you guys crazier than i already. Make your sending the same note. And he said atari went through three times. I hadn't realized that what thirty times and an ongoing okay. Okay okay thank you thank you one. Let me take a break. I think we've got pizza being delivered here. I think least. I hope so. We'll take a break last call for phone calls what we learn. What's in store tomorrow. And we'll have all of that coming up. Thanks for listening to the dan. Patrick show podcast sure to catch us live every weekday morning nine until noon eastern six to nine pacific on fox sports radio and you can find us on the iheartradio app at fsr or stream. It live on the peacock out. It's me parker. Check out my weekly podcast inside the parker for twenty two minutes of hyphen hop baseball talk featuring the biggest names in newsmakers sport whether you believe in analytics the eye test we've got all the bases covered new episodes every thursday. So do yourself a favor and listened to inside the partner with rob parker on the iheartradio app for whatever you get your podcast. This episode is brought to you by disney plus disney plus who. Espn plus stream all your favorites with the disney bundle. Disney plus has low key and luca on hulu watch originals like american horror story and nine perfect strangers and espn plus has every match of. Spain's thrilling lalita get the disney bundled today for only thirteen. Ninety nine includes hulu ad-supported plan access content from each service separately terms apply. See the disney bundle dot com for details. I want to get back to being a community group. I want to continue having a soccer season. So i can throw parties again so i can go to her. Party's it really be nice. Dining instead of getting delivery for a change so i can feel safe and protected for myself and my students. we have our own reason for why we're getting vaccinated against cova. Nineteen what we be visit. Get vaccine answers dot org for information on the covert nineteen vaccines. It's up to you brought to you by the ad council. If you live a phone and the free iheartradio app you have thousands of podcasts. All in demand the you can binge anytime you want from anywhere. You wanna listen. We love music too. So we curated hundreds and playlists to fit any mood or activity. And of course you can bring your favorite radio stations with you wherever you bring your phone only on the iheartradio app number. One for music radio and podcasts. All in one app. I asked me glove and check with our stat skies last time. A defending super bowl champion. Returned all twenty two starters. It's happened but hasn't happened recently until the tampa bay buccaneers last time was washington then known as the redskins nineteen ninety. Two all twenty two starters. The oakland raiders. Nineteen seventy seven hundred. Twenty two the steelers. A one thousand nine hundred seventy six dolphins one thousand nine hundred seventy four. The dolphins nineteen seventy three. And you can keep your teams. You know together back then. You weren't losing players. That's why you had steelers. Dolphins and the raiders with able to return twenty two starters and you have the tampa bay buccaneers. Let's see more phone calls in here. Susan in pennsylvania. Hi susan what's on your mind get. I would call about one of the basketball movies. It hasn't been mentioned love and basketball. Was that to park. That was with omar epps. Oh and yes nathe or sinead. The laden i think is our last name or chanel. Eighth in they played a couple. They grew up together in. La it was one time. He thought like girl basketball player wasn't just like a love interest like she had game and they grew up. Playing against each other competing went to usc together. And you know it was just a good story. Kind of got a cult following later from two thousand Well thank you susan. What was The to puck movie above the rim above the rim and was janet jackson in it. No he was in. She was now. They were in a movie together jackson. Two-pack were poetic justice justice. Right all right all right it. It comes back to me occasionally to pockets a good actor. Yeah he was a real good actor. let's see jamie in pennsylvania hunchine mr dan every time. You guys do the sports movies. I'm screaming at my phone. Finding forrester sean connery unexpected gift unexpected. Come on and i'm from faw story originally up in ohio so i don't know if you've ever heard of that football powerhouse. Won the national title in nineteen twelve. Thank you jamie good appearance they're nice little impersonation there sean connery. We still love. What the hunt for red october. And he's got this scottish accent russian. It's still sean connery. There's some exit are incredibly difficult to pull off effectively in a movie without sounding ridiculous. Yeah a boston. Accent is one that it's very difficult to pull it off. A russian accent also very difficult to not sound like sort of cartoonish. It feels like with the boston accent. So matt damon and ben affleck or from massachusetts but when they were doing a movie together they it felt like they have to give a heavier boston accent even though they're from there i don't have to go heavy now. I have friends who from boston and they got heavy accents. But i always felt like it sounded strange coming from them because they are from massachusetts. And you would think that they already have their accent there. Yes you so. My wife is from the boston area. And the strangest thing and her family is that the men all have boston accents in the women. Don't so like my father in law and my brother-in-law you talk like from boston. But my my wife. Her sister and my mother-in-law don't have a hint of a box. Boston accent whatsoever very strange. My wife's family is from brooklyn and her.

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