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Oh, my God! What a debut. That was. That was so much fun man. Zion's debut was unbelievable. He had that stretch because the real action of it was the fourth quarter. Does he want? You wait so long for him anyway? It's just he's injured. They want to take their time with them. You're like, okay. It feels like they really take their time with him. He finally plays you get some buckets early in your life. Okay, School. This is good. He's playing. He looks all right. And then the fourth quarter comes from health and science. He's just say the three after three at the three after three he hit 17 points in three minutes just about 17 points in three minutes. He just completely exploded. And the thing that is so fitting for it as well. Is that They pulled him at the end of the game because he hit his minutes restriction and they lost lost that gig. It was crazy. It was totally insane. It was so n ba being so cautious with this young superstar player who's clearly impacting the game was like Nope. Load management. We're sticking to it. We're not changing, and they didn't They didn't change all year, They stuck to their guns. Bubble. The same thing is just like we're not. We're not gonna play him so much. We're going to keep this cool and there you got like he went off and they lost the game anyway, But that debut from a guy that You know what the building of Zion was? How much did you hear the names Ion Williamson leading up to the draft from when you first saw him a Duke. The guy blew up his own shoe. Okay, like when he just is turning, And if you just go like that's that's insane. Okay, I didn't. That doesn't happen, But he's just such a massive human being. And the strength of the guy's ridiculous and so he just ripped the shoe wide open. So cool to see him show up in in his first game. Look that good. I mean, how many guys for all the hype? You get to look that good that much of an impact? They lost the game he goes. Zion was playing. There was one First game is a rookie that and late in the season. It's not even like it's the beginning of the season and, hey, everybody's brushing up and figuring things out, and we still gotta gel like No, No, no teams have had enough time to play, but he's just that good in the moment. It was incredible. That was so much fun to watch. So we've been talking about some of the favorite moments of the year. And if you want to get in a 55 to 1 to 4 to 27, we're also talking a little bit about The off season schedule for the NFL because the president of the Players association came out, he said, Basically So today's mini camps training camp preseason. It's too long. It doesn't do enough for anybody. We didn't have it this year, and nobody knew the difference yet Training camp in that was pretty much it. Didn't change anything right to the legal different do we? Do we all decide like while the NFL it awful this year? Oh, well, it's a pandemic year. It's basically replacement players. It's scabs like No. We all looked at went You know, this is Patrick. The homes being Patrick Mahomes and Roger's being himself. And you know, the great defense is of lead. You look around You go. Okay with the Colts look great. You know, it's not all well, the pandemic that they would have been better know they're really good. So there's enough things here that nobody's talked about it. So do they need those long training camps and many camps and one of things I want to talk about before? As as an add on to that. The money side of the equation, right because For the NFL. If you're gonna make a change like this, obviously, if they lose money, they're not going to do it now when it comes to many camps and O t A's and all that kind of stuff. I'm not gonna lose money. There's no difference if anything, they probably save money. Technically, not much, but whatever caused to, you know, feed players when you have met the facility and like pay security guards, I don't know outside of that. There's nothing to do. It's not getting streamed somewhere with sponsors all over it. Those things are are pretty quiet. Maybe there's a media there, and they report on it. But You don't get paid by those outlets to show up and cover many camp like that. You know, if that gets canceled, I don't think it changes anything. So the league could do this if they want to. If the players make a good enough case, and the coaches and all are okay with it, I could see these changes happening. I mean, it's very realistic to see it. So 855 to 1242 to seven. With that being said, Let's go to Elvis in Mobile, Alabama. What's going on Elvis? Stop there. Mother. Happy New Year, Man Happy New Year. And then I agree completely with the author of the article, I think okay and four preseason games, it's like urban myth. Right. I mean, there's one position I could think of like a rookie quarterback who could probably benefit from 100 plays or so in the preseason, And I'm thinking specifically to, uh Yeah, He's got problems and looking around in the form very in very short order. Once they start playing real, it's a big event it as this other, uh Welcome. Cool right now. That's just won't management crap. Where'd you train? A 26 year old guy. He can't like 32 years of an NBA game Two nights in a row up. Get out here, Putting my clothes 50 years old now all day long and go back and do it the same thing that you're safe. Yeah. Here. Last point of mixed market out there. There are no way up for the Cleveland Browns. Brother that I don't believe it. Go, Secretary. Keep an open line. I've never seen one. But, hey, you never know, but I'm not one to kill found, say the franchises. His curse. They made a lot of bad decisions and put in a position where they can't win. But just the fact that it's out there he gets in player's head. And I'm a tell you. They're not gonna be the first few or something. I'm out there. All right, Elvis. I appreciate it is not believing the proud. I think they're gonna win that game. They're They're a well coached team. They have an identity about them. They can run people over. They should have receivers back this week. That's part of the equation, too. They just lost basically all of their starting receivers last week, just a couple of days before the game, they all were. I don't think they had tested positive as much as they were linked through contact tracing, and so all those guys got isolated. And that was the Jets game last week, right? I mean, there's so many things going on right now. It feels like that. I believe they lost the Jets just last week, so I can't kill them for that. It's bad to lose to the Jets, obviously, but I'm not going to kill him for losing like that. I think they'll beat Pittsburgh this week. I'm feeling pretty good about it. So anyway, 855212 4 to 27. That's how you joined the show. And we're only gonna have one segment left in 2020. We only have one more bit left at least on the East Coast. And then we're out of here. We're out of here. And so I'll be talking you through 2020..

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