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Is masking for that person will be installed as president that's what's in their heads. Dairy they know that they're going to install Kamala Harris or. That's that's their plan. The word installed is what it's about. Will that would lead me to the Super Cut. Of how these same exact same. Democrats. Felt about installing a new supreme court justice. after the death of the last of the one before The one when Garland was going to be the Supreme Court during the by the end of the Obama Administration and it was put off by the Republicans wisely. And and they made a big fuss at everything you're going to hear on the Super Cut is going to is in. Complete contrast with what they're saying today the American people deserve fully staffed court of nine, the president nominates, and then the Senate advises and consents or not. But they go forward with the process we're seeing here and hope this is temporary is a disrespect for the constitution. The constitution is one hundred percent via the president of the United States has the white nominate someone be a justice of the Supreme Court. Senate's function is hold hearings and to vote blockade on a natural occuring. In my view is harmful to the independence of the article three branch. You cannot keep I see on the Supreme Court, which represents all of you cannot keep it making juice constitution pretty much everything they can to avoid acknowledging the legitimacy, our democratically elected president. The American people expect the president's nominee to be given a fair hearing and a timely Joe in sin every day that goes by without a ninth justice is another day the Americans people's business is not getting done. Do Your job to vote for a Supreme Court nominee instead of just saying the blanket rule is no matter who you are no matter what your qualifications because you your set by this president, we will create a unique role for you and refused to entertain you one of the most the. Consequences of WHO is. State assistance on the United States. If you WANNA stop extremism in your party. You can start by showing. American people. You'll respect the president of the United States and the Constitution the American people use IRV a fully staff. Nine. Okay I'm officially banning violins supercops now. That's gotTA. Stop what. Super Cut is. With rate idea, don't ruin it. All right I have to take us out of this have to play the trump. Trump, joke of the week. Just just to get us. Could I got it? We we have a long and the show mix at least five minutes total wreck. So close or back within for the number one. So I feel somewhat obligated to play that because they are so good. This was trump being asked a question. Harry and Meghan Markle time did on election essentially encouraged people to vote for Joe Biden your reaction to that. I'm not a fan of hers. and. I, would say this. And she probably has her that. But I wish. A lot of luck darry. The needed. Guy. Yeah, he's going to need it. Man I have an end of show Eyeso-. Just to. Crank this volume up. I. Think seems a little low on that. Curious where you have here, this is my only candidate. I- Sledge Hammer to kill a swarm of flies. You. Win. You don't have one that we. All right. Anything else up beaten uplifting you WanNa do before we leave. The. Trees for global warming. Lifting something fun and. No I don't want trees for Global L.. Is over for me I. Know I got enough lifting. We will return. Not, the spotify, but we will return to do you. And your producer. As we thank you again for your time, you're talented your treasure bringing it to the value for value network that we have created here over. I. Think we think it's fourteen years could be thirteen. We'll find out when we look at the calendar, how many years we actually exist more than a decade for sure. Thank you for putting the show together we produce it with you. And you deserve all the credit. We do the second half donation segment. Are. You kidding me. We just completely forget that I didn't. Are you kidding me Do we just passed that over. I gotta I gotTa Smoke Stop Smoking Weed with my cornflakes man. Old. Jewish. Imagine all the. That'd be Fab. Pulling, a Biden, what is going on with us? Know what You keep saying us. Let's thank if you people for producing the show, you just look at the clock and you can tell that we're not anywhere near where we should be quitting. Are you kidding me? It's two hours and forty-five minutes because you just played twenty five minutes of music with a guy talking I forgot I was hypnotized. It was forty five seconds. It's not. Police two hours and forty six minutes. That's why I was confused. I had no idea. No, but we had a huge long opening segment. Gabby. You're blaming it on me. No not blaming what? Yeah you closing the show up why? As you were slamming the door. Or you're right. You're right. The super cuts was one forty seven. All right. Let's thank a few people needless to say they need to be thanked I'm sure a few people were freaked. Especially Ryan risky. He's the one who was came in with hundred three, two dollars from you. I feel like a total shit now I, mean how the Hell could we forget this very odd using the word we Ryan. Radetsky I'm looking at you producer. Mountain Lion He's in mountain. Iron Minnesota. Nuts. he does say double mid- Middle Finger to the m five am okay. Well, what that is is If you look at the. Oh that's interesting. Binary. It's zero, zero, thirty, two, binary. You get to one in mid. Okay. Yeah. So you get your zero zero one, zero zero. That's two knuckles and finger in the middle and zero zero, one, zero, one, thirty, two, and binary I like it is a very. It's a double middle finger to the five. It's very it's going to be one of our regular donations now like it. Michelle small in one, two, three, four, five. In. Nowhere, Marianne briquet in Kyle Texas. One hundred sixty says is not a big segment so you don't worry about it to Patrick comber neither the so cal hills in San. Diego. California the Infield as hundred dollars also hundred from Infield in East East Lay Hampshire? UK. Or easily. Sir. Tom Dari in deforest Wisconsin.

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