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Arsenide still cold though. Low twenty-seven in midtown suburbs. Dropping into the upper teens overnight tomorrow more sun than clouds, a high near forty we head back to work Monday with mostly sunny skies high again, though, only around forty for Wednesday and Thursday as well. We'll see lots of sun, but a high of only thirty seven right now. Thirty three degrees. We have mainly clear skies at the moment. New York humidity forty seven percent and Windsor com repeating that current temperature thirty three going down to twenty seven in midtown. Good evening. I'm donavan wins. News time at the tone, seven thirty. Good evening. I'm only Coppola Westchester correction. Officer was killed in an attempted murder suicide in Yonkers to others were injured in that shootout. This happened. Friday night are juice Scott has the details a wild shootout began at a correction officers home on Buckingham road dead is forty year old Edward Quemoy. A Westchester correction officer for ten years who other officers were seriously hurt by the gunfire. And what is being described as attempted murder suicide? Neighbors can't believe the news tragic around this time of year. The always hear of tragedy around the holidays is just sick thing. It's heartbreaking police say there was an exchange of gunfire. And they've recovered several handguns and evidence at the scene. Drew, Scott ten ten wins. In Yonkers Yonkers police say the two other victims are in serious condition at the Westchester medical center. Involve Hala their names have not yet been released wins. News time seven thirty one.

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