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You get further and further into this whole with tom waits like the more you listen to it the more you realize how brilliant it is from poetry perspective these days hetman says a lot of his artwork features tom waits the musician i showed up in a drawing five years ago hetman says he had the nineteen forty one orson welles classic citizen kane on his mind promises because until a few weeks ago i had no whole thing hetman a photo of weights as a kid i just instantly have the image in my head of citizen kane propaganda poster but instead of cain it's tom waits as a child as if some movement have begun to try to get tom into office this is one of those weird really strange ideas i just drew it and so thinking about it too much that inspired hetman to create tom waits tuesday he posts awaits drying on his instagram every tuesday the first person to call dibs gets defy it sometimes happens art cells within seconds and the buyers are from all over the country says he's never heard from weights there's no one i'd rather hear from or have the chance to run into but i don't know if i'd want it to be because i've been doing drawings related to you'd wanna run into tom waits like randomly on the street denver artists promised he'd let us know if weights does ever reach out for here and now and stephanie wolf in denver tom wakes call us it's here now president trump meets north korea's leader on june twelve unless after north korean complaints he doesn't we may have the meeting we may not have the meeting if we don't have it that will be very interesting i south korea's leader visits president trump does this set up a bid to take nuclear weapons from the north on the next morning edition.

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