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Nine hundred fifty five of the total forty. Three thousand five hundred thirty eight volunteers enrolled. Pfizer is the first company to release results from its covid. Nineteen vaccine part of a plant interim analysis by an independent data safety monitoring board that is reviewing all of the handful of vaccine candidates from different companies that are currently being tested and people. The findings represent results collected seven days. After the second of pfizer's to shot regimen visor which developed and tested its vaccine with german company bio intech said in a release that it will continue to follow people in the study for a couple more weeks until the middle of november. When everyone in the study will happen followed for at least two months. That's the timeframe the food and drug administration is requiring for covid nineteen vaccines before considering them for emergency authorization or approval. The results represent a victory. Not only for public health but for science as well. The company's vaccine is based on a new technology. That relies on a genetic material. Known as m are in a no ima- rene based vaccines have received approval from the fda yet although several are being tested for other diseases. The results are a testament to the benefits of the platform. Using 'em are in a speeds up development of a vaccine since the process does not require growing vast amounts of virus instead vaccine developers only needed the genetic sequence of sars covy to which became available in january to start building a vaccine other companies including massachusetts based moderna and vaccine giant. Sanofi are also testing. 'em are in a covid nineteen vaccines..

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