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Kidding me? This is the man that dethroned the Klitschkos if anybody watched that fight with Yanti wilder. He absolutely clown, wilder. He caught some heavy shots. Twelve round almost got knocked out, but for me as a big time boxing fan. He's the best heavyweight in the world by far. Yeah. I think it's debatable. Thanks for the call and happy. Call on boxing, especially on such an historic night. Ladies and gentlemen. This is a stork night three heavyweight belts changed hands in the heavyweight division. That's a huge deal. It's a really big deal. And he's right about Ruis released took this fight. He was an afterthought and he had no problem stepping up saying I'm gonna win. I'm gonna take this fight and on the perfect match up and he deserves all the credit is gonna he's gonna make tens of millions of dollars not only in the rematch, but endorsement deals with Snickers all the other side endorsement deals are gonna deserve every penny, but over the next. This year. I think watching Tyson fury Deontay wilder, Anthony, Joshua comeback, and Andy Ruiz is going to be fun. And can you imagine this think of this before we come back? Imagine if Ruis can hold his belt to next Cinco de Maya in Vegas. Imagine what that will look like in Vegas. If this kid can come in and fight Cinco de Maya weekend in Las Vegas in some type of heavyweight fight. The world will go bonkers the Mexican Mexican American fans will have a heavyweight on Cinco de Maya believe me, they'll be a lot of money to be made one we come back, we'll get into what Steve Kerr had to say. Steve Kerr a dynasty coach, and he comes from the coaching tree of Phil Jackson, and Gregg Popovich will tell you how concerned Steve Kerr's when we return on CBS sports radio..

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