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Of operation milestone serves two hundred companies worldwide with artificial intelligence and other services they have two thousand employees arizona expected to close out the month with very little monsoon rainfall and phoenix still in the rainless streak that dates back to march eleventh state university climatologist randy survey says the thunderstorms have firing off in mexico and it shouldn't be too long until we start seeing the monsoon kicking into gear the monsoon is a sustained flow voice you're coming up from the south and we'll start to see that more intensely over the next week or so phoenix doesn't usually see the first monsoon rainfall until july seventh phoenix has one inch of rain since august twenty four th this is the driest run from that date until now in valley history well there isn't it did make it through memorial day weekend without any major wildfires and we hope to see a repeat of that with july fourth ahead carry tamplin with tonto national forest says fire conditions across the state or at the highest level in years and we'll be until significant monsoon rain fireworks big concern good this weekend and probably also out next week because of the fourth of july holiday conditions are drier than they were memorial day weekend hotter as well tamplin says fireworks are always band on national forest land in speaking of fireworks there will be no fourth of july fireworks this year in prescott the city's fire chief dennis light says he's canceling the town show because of the dry conditions caused by the drought and he says the event's organizers agree with that decisions now millions of.

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