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I'm sure this is in response to users constantly calling apple support i think i've done it a few times myself saying we can't remember what our encrypted password backup is uh can you help but it is now very much easier to do that and what the upshot of that is if you set a temporary password made the backup then decrypted it with an elcomsoft tool they have a tool called foam breaker or just use key chain explore in their phone breaker to at you could access the users passwords authentication tokens credit card numbers everything in that key chain and and while you're out he might as well go through their photos account as well uh so so what is interesting is happening and what i'm what a couple of questions come to mind a is apple backing down a little bit on their traditionally very steep security and i for one have been a constant complainer about cod i gotta enter my password again it used to be an iowa us he dinner your password of the drop lahat that has by the way if you've noticed you don't do that as much anymore or if i'm really paranoid is this in response to pressure from federal law enforcement agencies who really have been angry it apple because the iphone is so hard for them he is is is what you just described there um of the effectively put a back door and there's not a back door now but it means it would be good for law enforcement law or a master key i guess is it it means it's easier to get into the data even if it's encrypted i mean i mean.

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