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By configuration. See Nissan owner's manual for proper use sticks, sticking it to the media before noon. Corporate titan and big business bow tie wearing elitist slobs who hate American freedom Right now, Dan Bongino Gina Life weekdays, 19 on Am 7 90 kg ABC How to work. Welcome back to the Michael Knoll Show. I'm Michael Knowles absolutely delighted to report that Fauci may finally be getting his comeuppance. Rand. Paul Grills Dr Fauci puts him on the spot. He says, Did you fund gain of function? Research? Never. No, not in the Wuhan Institute. Not anywhere. Maybe North Carolina, but really not anywhere. It didn't happen. No way. No, no. How The intercept just filed a Freedom of Information Act request. It learned through the documents that were released that the NIH National Institutes of Health issued a bat coronavirus grand to a group called the Eco Health Alliance. This was for $3.1 million. It included $599,000. At the Wuhan Institute of Virology used in part to identify and alter bat coronavirus is that we're likely To infect humans. This is really bad for Dr Fauci. In the words of I mean, you don't need to take my word for it. I'm not an epidemiologist. You know, I'm not an expert. But Dr Richard Ebright, who is a molecular biologist at Rutgers took a look at these documents, he said quote. The documents make it clear. Assertions by the NIH director Francis Collins and the N I A I D director Anthony Fauci. That the NIH did not supporting function. Researcher. Potential pandemic pathogen enhancement at the Wuhan Institute of Virology are Untruthful. It was a very diplomatic way of saying Fauci lied. He lied about his role. In Starting the coronavirus epidemic, potentially He lied about his role. And why did he lie? If the gain of function research Going on. If identifying the transmissible bat coronavirus is at the Wuhan instructed virology if that had nothing to do with the outbreak of covid. Then why would Fauci lie about it? National television at the US Capitol before a committee of the United States Senate. Why lie? Why try to cover it up? Seems pretty bad. Speaking of scandals, there's another tough scandal for a very prominent Democrat for a very prominent left winger. This is from the HRC. The human rights campaign Human rights campaign is one of these ridiculously named organizations. That is focused specifically on redefining marriage, and then they did redefine marriage. Then they moved on to transgender stuff. It's the the organization that has the equal sign is the logo, and they really brilliantly redefined the debate over marriage from a question of what is marriage to a question of Who has the right to get married. Presuming their own conclusion. That sexual difference has nothing to do with marriage, so they were really brilliant about it. They were very effective in getting marriage to be redefined. The head of that organization now has been fired. Alphonso David. He was fired as the president of a RC because of a sex scandal. And unfortunately for this guy, it wasn't even his own sex scandal. It was another guy's sex scandal. This guy Alphonso David was implicated in assisting former New York governor Andrew Cuomo. In his attempts to smear the women who accused him of sexual misconduct. Not good when the head of the sexual Liberation Organization gets caught up in a sex scandal. But this isn't the first time that this has happened to the human rights campaign. This actually happened with the founder of the human rights campaign. Guy by the name of Terry Bean. Mr Bean in 2014 was charged with sodomy and sex abuse of a 15 year old boy. Mr Bean significantly older than 15 years old. Now. This was a bad story. So the media covered it up at the time. A few years ago, it looked like he might get off the hook for this, even though there it looked as though there was first going to be a settlement between the victim and this guy, then It looked like he was maybe going to get off the hook. But then he was, he was brought up again on the same charges. And then all of his claims of innocence I think fell apart when in 2019 September, 2019. Means former sexual partner was found again, not the 15 year old but the other one is older. One was found guilty of third degree sodomy and third degree sexual abuse. Which even the Oregonian reported at the time. It's a blow to beans, claims of innocence. Um, so so he was supposed to be put on trial. Then the trial was then postponed. They're dragging this thing out because he's politically very important person. For Democrats. This is bad stuff. This is not good. Because the the human rights I mean, it's I think perfectly good for justice that this guy be brought up on on what he did. But it's really not good for the Democrats facade for the lobbying efforts for the human rights campaign, and for the left more broadly. They've got to put out this image that they are the moral ones. They're the good ones there, The clean and sweet clean and they're not. Keep going down on similar scandals. Which brings me to a topic three. Politically incorrect. I'm not supposed to talk about it. Conservatives are not supposed to raise any objection to this. We're just supposed to move on. And it's supposed to be totally fine because we don't want to seem like meanies or anything like that. But I have to talk about it. There was a tweet that came out last week from Peter Budaj Edge. They repeat the man who was almost president, now his transportation secretary, and it's Pete Buddha Judge and his partner, Chaisson, and they're lying in a hospital bed holding two newborn babies. Why are they in the hospitals are babies that they It's unclear if they've adopted the babies or if the babies were produced in some other way. They're lying in a hospital bed, which is very strange because they didn't I don't think they gave birth. I don't listen. I told I'm no epidemiologist. I'm no biologist, but it would seem strange to me. If they gave birth. So Pete tweets out Chasin and I are beyond thankful for all the kind wishes since first sharing the news that we're becoming parents were delighted to welcome Penelope Rose and Joseph August Buddha Judge..

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