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We're going to start a nother group envy to color coded chart. All you. You haven't got anything. All you do is our show, you I'll say, okay, we're going to short homebuilders. We're gonna short Lanar. Here's the price you shorted at give you the number. Then I'll tell you. Okay. Make sure when you put that pressure on you put a stop in. We'll show exactly what that's easy to do. So if the backs off two to three percent, that's the maximum. You lose two to three percent to try to make ten percent. Good Ristori ward. Discipline. That's what you need when this market's going now, the market goes down ten times faster than it goes up when they started taking the bids you'll love it. I mean, you get addicted to shorting because when you're right that market search collapsed. He goes down so fast. You love it on your show, which I do what should I call and say, here's what I'm doing. What are you doing dopey? There's still telling people. Oh, everything's fine. Enjoy your life. You're fine. You don't pay. Every day. You don't pay attention to your portfolio now don't pay attention to what are you nuts? So we got some real consequences. You think of the headwinds for mainstream, and they're trying to tell us this these guys on CNBC and FOX trying to tell us how great things are. Right. Wages are very sharp. That's details. Everyday wages are strong. Which is the biggest lie in the world. Wages are strong. Wages, strong have increased their standard of living increase your standard of living. You gotta get wages up where you get wages up. You gotta take the profits. That are putting their pocket put it back in the company. They're not going to do that. Why would they do that when they can take your job and outsource it? Will you much homeownership said a fifty year low of that wasn't true? Why some ownership and a fifty year old? US home prices are now starting to increase the slauson a monthly because there's no buyers. There's no wages if they had wages. It's oh, well, how housing prices are going up. So fast. Is that the housing price every blames the housing price is the wages that are the problem wages? So you got new home sales dropping an eight month low. You got existing home sales folly three month low. We've got pending home sales falling right. Six months. Low. And it's all comes to wages..

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