Food Supply, Urinary Tract Infection, United States discussed on PBS NewsHour - How industrial farming techniques can breed superbugs


That means that that bacteria resistant to all those antibiotics you don't want to get infected with one of these and these are bacteria that we actually isolated from the food supply he sequences the genomes of e coli from food and from people comparing them to a database of seven thousand distinct types of the bacteria or trying to figure out hated this urinary tract infection come from the e coli from animals or from food he says there is a strong case linking the use of antibiotics in livestock to the spread of drugresistant bacteria in humans so on every grocery store shelf in this country i guarantee you you're gonna find drugresistant bacteria on the needs of the shelves and then they get in our guts when we consume the meat from those animals most of the time that's a dead end right we will eventually get rid of those bacterial shedom away but some times they'll take hold in the 1950s farmers discovered feeding livestock steady low doses of antibiotics made them grow faster but this socalled sub therapeutic use of these precious drugs raised concern in the medical community and the government it 19th seventy seven the us food and drug administration proposed a ban on sub therapeutic uses of penicillin and tetracycline in animal production but the rule was never enacted and the problem worsened he 1989 human and livestock usage of antibiotics was about equal today agriculture accounts for about three quarters of all the antibiotics used in the united states.

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