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NewsRadio nine fifties. John Hewitt is on the scene, and he joins us live and local with the very latest John Brooke this occurred a couple of hours ago now a little before five o'clock in the grand circus park area near Adams and Woodward downtown as one man was shot in the face hospitalized. Now after three individuals approached him, according to police all of this apparently being captured by surveillance video in the area. Here's Detroit police, captain Rodney cocks eighteen on victim who was received a gunshot wound to the face. He is currently in guarded but stable condition. So we're not sure what the actor occupation took place while the altercation took place, but what we've learned is that officers actually responded were able to locate and detain two persons of interest a third at large the captain saying marijuana was left at the scene. They're not sure if there was some type of transaction attempted here, they do say the video on the video, it appears the suspect recognized the suspects that is recognized the victim, and as far as the actual wound were told it was the gentleman was shot in the face the bullet, exited his neck, and again as you heard he is in guarded, but stable condition, thankfully to local hospital this scene active crime scene tape up around grand circus park is police continue to investigate we'll have updates, of course, throughout the evening. Reporting live and local downtown, John Hewitt, WWE j NewsRadio. Nine fifty meantime, on the west side, new workout spot for underprivileged kids, WWE NewsRadio nine fifty. Stephanie. Davis was on hand for a ribbon cutting at a boys and girls. Club. And she joins us live and local with more stuff and broke planet fitness has set up a mini workout room for the kids here at the deal, boys and Girls Club in the area of Dexter enjoy role. Brian reef is co owner of several planet fitness centers in Michigan and says, this is part of their charitable arm. Judgment free generation, it's part of our.

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