Ammon Bundy, Federal Government, Donald Trump discussed on Fresh Air


Ammon bundy and six of his followers on conspiracy charges related to the arm standoff the now your national wildlife refuge earlier this year and guards kirk sickly reports the verdict could have major implications of federal government control over federal public lambs in the west the jury's acquittal of all of the standoff defendants including the militia leaders ammon and ryan bundy is being met with surprise and shock from both sides the federal government had focus their case narrowly arguing that the militants had conspired to impede federal workers from doing their jobs at the wildlife refuge the tense forty one day standoff last winter came to a dramatic and a few days after one of the militants lavoy fenech i'm was shot and killed by state police and enough be i roadblock the bundy's aren't free however they still face similar federal charges in nevada for two thousand fourteen arm standoff at their father's ranch kirk singler and p r news the plane caring donald trump's a running mate indiana governor mike pence skidded off the runway look already airport tonight and b_r scott doctor reports everyone on board it's safe according to tweets from reporters fine with pence in a staff the plane landed in stormy weather and just kept going there were no immediate reports of injuries emergency personnel responded and according to the associated press pence on the rest of the passengers evacuated the plane through the back of the aircraft laguardia airport closed it's runway after the incident pence had been campaigning in iowa and before that nebraska despite back to new york been delayed because of them whether it's got that from and p r news bill you know rally in north carolina today with michelle obama democratic presidential candidate hillary clinton said the first ladies voice is needed.

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