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Steve McIntosh. Glenn beck. Point out, the things that I believe her right tend to things that I leave are wrong, and I will support when I can I will stand up against when I must. I am not going to judge you or anyone else. We must stay together. We can disagree, but we cannot become enemies. I don't know how many people really feel that way because we are so polarized. But we have to reduce that polarization or we don't make the coming onslaught the Glenn Beck program. Wichitas number one talk is k and s s now the Rush Limbaugh show. Foreign? Here. We are. Is. Judge last week TESL s. Contrite trying to be crystal clear in his statements about except just ended. Anyway, are we still up at somebody? Give me a clue where we on the air. Okay. Manafort's faith is in the hands of a judge that hates his guts. Amy Berman Jackson. Literally, obviously, if the reports were getting out of the courtroom or true what she saying this guy. She hates. This guy's guts. She doesn't believe anything. He's saying is still truthful. She doesn't believe that he's being straight with her in his pleas for remorse in leniently. And she she's making the point that Russian collusion and nothing to do with this case and had nothing to do with what my sentence is going to be. There wasn't any Russian collusion because Manafort has had no relationship with the Monday, Russia manafort's work was all done in Ukraine, it is widely known, but she's doing she's doing her best to distance herself from judge T S Ellis. Last week. Now just a little bit about judge Berman. Just so, you know, this is the same judge who back John Kerry for the White House in two thousand four Amy Berman Jackson also has claimed that George W Bush stole the White House in two thousand. She is the same judge who ruled for the Obama regime against the little sisters of Catholic church and for Hillary against the families of those killed in Benghazi. She's appointed by Obama. She is I know judge Justice Roberts. Not appreciate me saying this. But she is it Obama judge threw 'em through and her statements about Bush stealing the election in two thousand came before. She was appointed the bench. So at least there is that. The real intrigue here on the Manafort sentences, whether or not whatever he gets is going to be consecutive or concurrent meeting is he going to get out in time to have a life laughter is he going to die in jail. The judge also rejected the idea that if there had not been any investigation into Trump, and collusion that Manafort wouldn't be there. She rejected that out of hand even lower. Incontrovertibly true. If there had been no investigation into Trump Russia collusion in there wouldn't have been any charges against Manafort. It's foregone conclusion. And now, we know we've we're gonna get into this program unfolds. Lisa page testimony before a house committee has been released, and it is it is obvious that that the only thing that ever propelled. This investigation was the Steele dossier that is it. They never was anything else. There was never any real Russian collusion. They never had any evidence. In fact, Lisa page is quoted as saying that they were looking around for is there anybody in the Trump campaign has ever had anything to do with Russia. And that's when they settle on popadopoulos after they sat him up. There is pardon me minute. Still have a hacking cough here FOX as I continue to recover from the ravages of whatever it is. It's going around here. The Steele dossier was it. There's nothing to it. Now, what really has Washington a buzz? Of course, the left wants Manafort guillotine. The media wants Manafort guillotine in public. So that they can present pictures of collusion and Trump and so forth. It's a it's just a mess. But the Muller report is thought to be inexorably tied to the Manafort sentence in this way. That wants this sentence is handed by this judge is going on for almost an hour here before she announces the sentence. Seven point five years. Okay. Okay. So three point five additional years in prison. The judge just issued the sentence three point five additional years for a total of seven point five years in prison. So well, that's that's going to disappoint the drive bys. They were hoping for nine to ten years or whatever life span Manafort has left the sentence. They wanted was death plus ten years. They wanted manafort's corpse remaining in jail for ten years after he had perished and passed away. So anyway, this just happened, right? In the middle of my opening riveting sterling busy broadcast monologue. So as the details and still on TV, no numbers have been announced. This is Paul Manafort sentenced to all sitting there talking about it. So we'll get the numbers and has it been. Here's the real the real thing. Now is since Manafort has been sentenced in both cases this wraps up. Everything Muller had. So now, the conventional wisdom is the Muller report will dropped this week. And the best guess is that it'll drop on Thursday or Friday now that is going to be its own. No, they're not gonna wait for Roger stone. They could. I mean, I'm just having to conventional wisdom. I have no idea. What Muller's gonna do? I don't even know if Muller is even involved in is the more you I've been hearing Muller has been a no show special counsel for about a year, and Weisman and his cronies have been running this show. That Muller is the name the rainmaker the face of all this. But in terms of actually getting up and going to work everyday. I mean Muller's been found to have been going to the apple store getting tips on how to run his MAC book air, you see that picture sometime. Yeah. Muller was at the apple store genius bar trying to figure out how to delete something on his computer. Well, I don't know if it was delete something, but he was in there getting lessons on how to operate a MAC. What's he doing operating a MAC, why is secretary operating amac or maybe he's a tech wizard? Like, I am. But the news is that Muller has. And I have this. I played in a charity golf tournament on Monday. The Ernie Els for autism tournament. And there were lots of people there, including many names, you would know and one of the names told me that. Yeah. Muller has been really not involved in this that from our standpoint for a year, it's Weisman and the rest of these people plus many of those prosecutors in Muller's team have already quit got back to private practice or spending time trying to get their kids into elite universities. So it's a kind of a threadbare little staff remaining. Anyway, the conventional wisdom is that the Muller reports going to drop Thursday or Friday was waiting on the final Manafort sentence for that to happen. But even then it goes to the attorney general William bar, whether it's made public how it's made public. What happens to it? After that. Is is anybody's guess. So the David it drops just be ready. That's the only thing you're going to be seeing on news broadcasts, the only going to be seeing on cable TV whether any of its made public that day. Or not. Okay. I want to and while we wait for details on this Manafort thing, but basically have given you the the primary news about this. And that is this clears the way for the drop of the mullahs report. I want to circle back to this college scandal business. And handed it to ponder this. I have had a day to inform myself on it. And it is. I tell you it is it is just astounding to me. Now, I want to remind everybody. This isn't new parents trying to get their kids into elite universities. Nothing new. Normally the way you do it is you make a two and a half million dollar donation and in the university establishes, you know, the I'm a very important liberal wing of the law school or some such thing. And that's how they get the kid in there. And I don't know why these Hollywood people didn't just do that except that might have cost two and a half million dollars needs a bunch of tightwad. They were trying to get this done forty where from fifteen thousand five hundred thousand whereas if you started Dowling your own like, the Felicity Huffman, William H Macy wing, the sex education building at Harvard that might take two and a half million dollars that they don't wanna part with. So they might have been following the money trail and trying to spend as little as they is. They could here I want to focus on the why here. Here's I ran across a piece by Ben Shapiro at the Daily Mail now, we as a just so happens, not we I am interviewing Mr. Shapiro right up to the program today for the next issue. Of the Limbaugh letter. Shapiro's piece famous actresses paid bundles of money to bribe their kids way into college here is why. Well, Shapiro went to Harvard. You got into Harvard law and the story he tells in this piece is incredible. And it it confirms much of what I have shared with you in terms of the purpose of the Ivy league. The Ivy league is the feeder network. For government people. It's the feeder network for people who end up in the Washington bureaucracy, the deep state the administrative state the Ivy league any league universe. Not just the ivy's. Stanford's a part of this USC's a part of this. But these elite universities are the feeder networks the training grounds. If you will the. Educational camps for training and producing people to fill spots in the administrative state. Now, the administrative state comprises, not just bureaucrats the administrative state is made up of media people. The administrative state is made up of lobbyists the administrative state. The deep state is made up of. Lawyers. It's not just bureaucrats who are making a g fourteen g thirteen salary. It's it's a tremendous number of people who make up the administrative state. The administrative state FOX is essentially what's gone wrong with our country. The administrative state is what is robbing the United States of its democratic ideals of its democratic founding the administrative state, some people call it the bureaucracy. What do they do? They issue regulations. They're not elected many cases. There are anonymous. Most Americans have no idea who they are. They work any number of places from cabinet level departments like the FDA or the Environmental Protection Agency. And they simply issue regulations which have the force of law. And they do this anonymously. A do it blindly. Congress has ceded so much. Of its own power to the administrative state. And this is what Donald Trump threatens Donald Trump threatens the existence of the administrative state, the deep state, what have you, and that's why he represents such a threat. These people the administrative state for decades and decades has succeeded in literally stealing power from the other branches of government. And in many cases, those existing branches of let it happen. Congress has advocated so much of its power some to the executive branch some to the administrative state. And when any edict or regulation or series of regulations comes out of the administrative state, as you know, it has the force of law, even though it has not gone through the lawmaking process. It has not been debated by the elected representatives of the people. And therefore there is nothing democratic about it. It is purely autocratic. It is populated largely by career liberals leftists. Socialists. And it is there that they implement their agenda on this country often anonymously. Nobody knows who everybody in the deep state is. And they do it with no oversight. They do it with. No sunlight, there is no open debate on legislation such as there is in congress. It doesn't have to go to a second body for confirmation. A debate. The president never sees these regulations much less signs them. But they have the full fledged force applaud it's just ended up this way, it has been a conscious effort to centralize and focus power in the administrative state or to call it in Washington away from the people who are elected. And this is why if you are of a mind that that your government, no longer represents you or that you don't have a say in how your government operates or if you get the feeling that. This giant disconnect you participate in every campaign, you go out you vote for your elected Representative or Senator you vote for the president. And it doesn't seem to matter..

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