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I'm Larry Sharoni. Here's what's happening. San francisco. Board of supervisors has three new members. And a new president KCBS gentlemen reports from city hall the first job of the newly formed San Francisco board of supervisors was to elect a president just two members were nominated Hillary Ronen who's openly lobbied for the seat and whose supporters dominated two and a half hours of public comment and Normany Norman, and I love each other. We respect each other. And that's not going to change ever. That was Ronin before the vote went seven two four Inese favor. Supervisor usher stuff I said, what weighed most heavily on his decision was the void and the Chinese American community since the deaths of Chinatown leader rose pack and Mayor Ed Lee, we were just little over a year of losing to titans and the Chinese American community here in San Francisco. Disco avoid that has not been filled yet and many people are are stepping up and leading and trying to fill that void Ye took over saying there's more to bring this together then to keep it apart. I've been doing this work for a long time. And I feel an urgency to respond to the crisis facing our city in a time of population growth and rising inequities, and it does have a progressive majority for the first time in many years at San Francisco city hall, gentlemen, KCBS in Marin county supervisor Catherine Kate Sears won unanimous support from her colleagues and has been named president of the board of supervisors they're serious has the major issues facing Marin county are inequality climate change and sea level rise. Crews have been evaluating eucalyptus trees around UC Berkeley's Greek theater after man was killed by a falling tree on Sunday. KCBS has Megan gold's reports from the campus and other.

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