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Visit what you want to stay in your hotel room for a couple of days. That's true. That was amazing when you can't feel it. It's nice and warm and your room just sit there Tacoma dome. I do like this city. It is both beautiful and sad. You know? It's like an eater. It's each. And there's something beautiful that against all at one. You guys got everything here. Glad you didn't take that offensively, and you kind of embrace it because you know, it's so true. It's so true, beauty and sadness every corner. What I will say that it's chilly is it can get here in the wintertime. I will still visit because it's west coast chili and not fucking east coast. A weather put that west coast hill is like it is this no joke. It's beautiful. It's our ran outside today. It was great. I mean, it rains all the time. It's it rains a lot here you as always ready for the rain. You just assume it's going to rain like at some point in the day, right? Because I was getting dropped off at my hotel the other night, and it was right before my show in the manager was like, what's do you want me to pick you over the show? That's like a good impression of him, by the way. Like if you take birth. For the show. A legit, Tony if you know, Tony so. What could mail Tony? I hope I hope the internet doesn't find out. And he goes. He goes all pick you up and I walk over because it's close enough. And he was like, oh, no, it might be raining, and which I found like it. Yeah. I think that's also like it might be like dangerous it might be raping outside as what he was saying to me like it might be raining that was like a code word because they didn't do streets. Couldn't be alert deserted around here. That's true. But again, it's because no one wants to be out. So it's only the most hardy of rapists. You. Most rape, Mr. Lacey. They're all through like, oh, I do today. But burr. Rapist out about here are probably dressed like the I know what you did last summer villa. And you know, they're all like Gordon's fisherman. Already. Don't trust that Gordon's fisherman to not semen or the worst. There. All right. Let's beat my guess instead of instead of just one of them. Let's start with her. Nikki Glaser everybody. Host of you up with Nikki Glaser on Sirius XM channel ninety. Serious are rental car. Tune in..

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