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Airbnb, David Plouffe, Colonel Shepherd discussed on Curious with Josh Peck


Do you know what I mean am I making myself clear thanks I don't know I just don't want to always be measuring do they is there is it just like when you meet someone who you grew up with that you like on a show or whatever you just kinda go into a lick a few state like just until such tunnel vision and you want to find something to relate to that person with till like show them like oh no what I'm safe here Oh they they've said welcome to Earth and they're not gonNA kill my species were okay like right I don't I'm not proud of what just happened I'm ashamed of it and I wouldn't I would not be surprised if you just faulk I'm so jealous of him he's my enemy I I actually he's very talented and I ju- Dax please come on I don't expect you to invite me on yours because so then if you want to you know throw a scrap to a lowly podcast who's lucky to get in the top one hundreds of the comedy section of Apple Podcasts admiral's ship Colonel Shepherd we will do and the Wolfpack we will will wash your cars I'm sure you have a couple a wash your house right that yeah will my devoted listeners we will right away to do something Nice for you if you've ever come on the show totally up to you I know you're busy on today's show MacAulay Culkin I can only give him the interest Oh so he's awesome he's got his own podcast that I've been on great fun episode and I don't want to the name of it I know there's bunny in the name but I wanNA make sure I get it perfectly because he deserves that and it's important so I'm going to give it to you right now now it's called Bunny ears I knew that's what it was called but I I got scared and I didn't WanNa commit and say the wrong thing bunny ears podcast listen to it now but right now listen on my pod enjoy wow sits good podcasting so good you know what it could use though that secret sauce that hey sell me something Josh I WanNa i WanNa buy something well here it is and it's an AIRBNB experienced did you know there's a new way to meet animals responsibly. With airbnb experiences Adam Malls on airbnb experiences are magical encounters hosted by animals and their advocates they take place in the wild on the farm and other natural setting inch were you can really get to know the animals and see the world from their perspective like hike with Allama named Punchy toe in the Andes along with the family only that's raise of the animals for generations or learn to communicate with a horse named a visa who can read your body language and help you focus I might have missed pronounce Abe's aim it might be a Beatha I think that's a Beatha I don't know my wife and I are going to go do this thing were you actually get to play with rescued horses in Los Angeles my wife grew up with horses she loves horses in the idea I'm getting interact with rescued one is like right up her alley because she's a good person and I just like to make her happy so I'm stoked on it every animal experience follows guidelines developed in partnership with World Animal Protection In International Animal Welfare nonprofit she can feel good about connecting with animals unethical ways that respect in protect them so checkout AIRBNB DOT com slash animals to learn more that's AIRBNB DOT com slash animals learn more guys I wanna tell you about a show that I am listening to and you should listen to too because I like sharing things with my audience I wanna all do all the same things all the time hey usually the analysis you here is presented by people who have never been in the arena or if they have have recaptured the ultimate prize Devi puff has he was Barack Obama's campaign manager and now David has new podcast called campaign HQ would David plouffe campaign each queue digs into what candidates are trying to accomplish with their messaging and why and who better to have those conversations with than the actual pay managers the people on the ground in the key states and more importantly the people in the key districts the first four episodes of campaign HQ are available now on apple PODCASTS RADIO DOT COM or wherever you get your shows the feature senior strategist from the Biden warned Sanders End Buddha judge campaigns every week Doc David will speak with the key people in the key races that will decide the nomination and then from there the road to the White House subscribed for free now two campaign in each queue with David Plouffe new episodes every Thursday listen to that shit you know yeah.

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Airbnb, David Plouffe, Colonel Shepherd discussed on Curious with Josh Peck

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