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Zero four dot com telemark motor set you for your best deal now why gets not going to be kicked out of the drawing the crowd is getting antsy here skated passed and the absolute taking a one nothing lead one minute and sixteen seconds go to alexander kerr he won the faceoff came right into the slot i believe dreamed off corey perry and it goes past gibson's rights scape and in oh a huge break right off the face off and get red redhawks because he got kicked out of the draw he is steaming mad and he'll take the drawnout center is against her foot all right get slap is really really upset with a referee tonight mark jonet and tom szymanski actually he's upset with the the four lines but to but he's yelling at the referee right now why it's been ryan given to brad coach kicked him out puck down back to the evelyn jolted set for tyson barrier ahead for jost stepped around a duck and dumps she didn't want to the net he'll give chase but there is gibson to swing it farside koreans off a body and we get gets their turnaround shot deflected wide on the near side by kurt fun picked up on the near side gets laugh you'll fire at all for fowler who's on the move through center ice down the right wing raquel scissors holds it looks toasted off a body turned up here come the apps could be a two on one on the right wing poke checked and he takes a hit puck is pedal leg now stuff down the boards enjoyable flip in the corner for kerr foot walks bottom of the circle dangles ron fowler behind the nets perfect to the nearside warshawsky with the shot saved by gibson rebound shot by gibson he rockstar foot on the doorstep foreside oh john gibson's got his glove hand going tonight that's two huge glove saves in the first one fifty seven of this game shows was bouncing it out amid air comes to kerr foot and he just couldn't quite lifted enough he threw his head back actually i'm sure there was andrew kettle through his head back because he knew that he'd been robbed oh man here's comparable take the draw forest circle.

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