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Will only get like blank or i do have my stars as mirrow high skin and i also have madonna but like i freaking have roussell and i'm so sad or i'm like i'm so mad about that. At least he's fun. You guys are stars man. Neither you guys have no even clean-burning ever dirk so that's don't have his real-life so okay not i don't care if he's a jerk on the ice like do whatever you want but yeah so. I was like yeah. No i'm i'm yeah i i have a i need to. I don't actually have a cow jersey. I do not own a gab. i feel very good about getting the doctors but i do need to sage it yet. Which is why we are going to the which store yes getting some real stage. We're going to the store this weekend. We will stage it tomorrow and we will document for everyone absolutely actually proceed with the season. I took a really cute picture in that jersey to at am. And i was like. I can't post it you didn't. She looked really cute. She worked as like address in. Like hewlett is wrong. yeah. Don't worry. I wasn't looking to gooky and i had shorts under but i did of the outfit before he went. It was considering. I was like no you great john. Are you really enjoyed this conversation. Yeah i'm looking at. I'm looking at the roster right now. Trying to find out who i think are going to be the best selling jerseys and then obviously dayquil and mike and cd would probably be my next to one hundred percent if you had to buy a jersey. John like i know. This is super sacrilege sacrilegious as a reporter covering the team. Let's just say for a hot minute. You take off your reporter hat. Which i know you never do. I can just do it like this. I'll just say like if i had like a son. You know okay perfect. Yeah yeah look. Let's it's real easy. I mean if. I had an nfl football fan much. Forget just the cowboys. I think jersey's really would come down to exactly exactly the same to that Trayvon digs is son was talking about be patrick moms or deck. That'd be and that's not just like a cowboys. I'm thinking like i dunno like dak is just such a. He's just such a likable. Does the right stuff. He's got a great story he's easy to root for. He's a good dude. There's so i fight myself all the time from like an even if you follow me on twitter you probably think like oh. Yeah another positive. Actually you should see how many i think about sending and i don't send another one. Whatever like i think helmet tweeted this day. And i thought this exact same thing but i was like. I can't be tweeting this stuff. But like like when he slapped isaac alarcon unna but in the locker room after he brought the team together. It was just such a cool moment because it was like he was. He's genuinely rooting for this guy. Like knows probably won't plan sunday. Who'd never admit that. But like he knows how excited is like you. Just don't seem any franchise quarterbacks doing like little things like that. I mean it's not behind the scenes most far far beyond the whole all like. Oh we picked up. You know gatorade bottle and threw it in the trash like you. Just a genuinely good dude. That goes out of his way like. I don't know this to be the truth. But this was the story wouldn't surprise me would not shock me if dak went to the people from hard knocks and was like. Hey you know. It'd be a good story. Is this jonathan do. That's in the mail. See him being like that so if someone told me that's what happened to be like. Yeah no makes complete sense. I could totally see him being like we get him on there because he's got a really good story is family's been in the cowboys organization for a long time stuff like that. So yeah dak patrick mahomes Yeah those are probably the the to save ones. I mean i would say. I think aaron rodgers in growing up as alliance fan like even aaron rodgers. I think is a is a cool jersey ad. But there's a lot of drama that comes with it. But i will say this the other part of it though again. This goes back to me binders when i was younger As you notice. I'm saying quarterbacks because actually the best investment like you're going to have that sir but in elma i've talked about this too There is something to be said for somebody. That has like a zack martin. Or a tyron. Smith because you just know that they're kind of a hardcore fan you know and those are dirt you can have her longtime too because offensive linemen that are elite like that usually play for a long time. And you don't see many other people wearing those. So it's you you see it. You're just like oh dang okay. Yeah david is when i see people wearing looser. It happens every never seen that. I've never seen that. That's i always one person in your like your all right to him being on the team but yeah yeah no. I think that's really fair. I love. I mean that one was relevant for what twenty something years. How was the on. Tv more like seventy five. He definitely was on the team presenting five years. I believe it. Would you guys ever by a tom. Brady jersey no. No no no. That's not true. Not even if there was a fire. I i would. I think i would just because like he's literally i mean he transcended this for like these incredible. Like that's like that's like violent like strawberries. Okay now we'll never sit well with me his. Yeah he's he's weird af for sure but like oh gap. I would probably buy one so growing up in michigan. I i don't like like i root against the university of the my favorite College football team is florida. State my second son that to be the most fascinating thing about you. Yeah i've i fell in love them as like a little kid and then i hated michigan and so so this day my second theory cultural ball team is whoever's playing michigan so One of the reasons. Why i've always got rooted against tom. Brady is because living there when all this was going on like. They did not want him to be. The quarterback drew henson to be the quarterback. He was like this star like high school player and then brady s to play because coach. Lloyd car liked him and audio's really salad and the fans always wanna drew henson to play because he had a.

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