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This hour from townhall dot com on John Scott, total of sixteen states have filed a lawsuit against the Trump administration's emergency declaration on the wall at the US, Mexico border, new York, Attorney General Letitia James says the Trump administration's plan to divert funding for military construction and other programs to pay for a border wall threatens her state's public safety infrastructure, all of the states involved in the lawsuit have attorneys general who are Democrats. Correspondent Jackie Quinn. Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders who's two thousand sixteen presidential campaign. Reshaped democratic politics made the big announcement today. Hi, I'm Bernie Sanders on running for president. Seventy-seven-year-old? Sanders says his campaign is about transforming the country in creating a government based on the principles of economics, social, racial and environmental Justice. Also on a townhall dot com. The supreme court's oldest Justice has returned to the bench. Correspondent Warren Levinson reports. Eight weeks after undergoing lung cancer surgery, judge Ruth, Bader Ginsburg was back on the supreme court bench. The eighty five year old Justice walked without assistance to her seat beside chief Justice John Roberts for the courts public session this morning. She wore her, usual, black robe, and an ornamental caller Ginsburg had surgery in December and was back in the supreme court building Friday for a private conference in the justices. She missed arguments in January as she recovered from surgery, but the court says she participated nudity work from home while she was out. I'm Warren Levinson. A Justice department official says deputy attorney general rod Rosenstein is expected to leave his position in mid March. The official was not authorized to discuss. Thus the move by name and spoke to the Associated Press on condition of anonymity on Monday. The White House expected to name a replacement for Rosenstein this week..

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