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Never go to relatives house i could tell by the by the usage of the word triangulate yes they can get bounce off the towers find out where you are gps on her phone on any way they can just find you that way problem though your phone get a burner phone and then go somewhere we have no connection to anybody like a remote island or something well a woman a fugitive who has no legs my goodness asked her boyfriend to hide her in a plastic storage bin and he did the cops and the us marshals in florida we're looking for thirty nine year old woman named crystal lee anderson has happened last tuesday they had lead that she was staying at her boyfriend's house which is probably okay mistake number one is your fugitive steak number two is going to your boyfriend's house we are on the run their first right so the his name is john carr and they're from florida crystal has no legs they crystal was in a police shootout in two thousand fifteen gosh well yes she held up a burger king and the police were called and she got into a gun war with the cops the cops shot her and apparently her legs had to be amputated as a result it turned out the gun she was using with the cops was a bb gun but soon but still why why she not in jail i don't know where she was holding up the burger movie she went to jail or something and got out maybe they offensive that she wasn't a flight risk gesine have legs.

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