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Moving into my dream home. Love it. You're living at your Walkin example of what's possible. If you have the desire to more questions that we're going to close with. This is kind of like a bonus question if you will. So when Joe transitions from this world, what would you like to be known us. First and foremost, an amazing father, an amazing partner and someone who tried his best to help as many people as possible. Gray. And the next question is if you had an opportunity to go to have dinner or lunch with somebody, maybe they've transitioned from this world, maybe they're still here on this planet, who would that person be? And why? Definitely my grandfather who passed away when I was in high school, bring him with my grandmother, so we can talk just hours hours and hours and hours of conversation about, I wish I was old enough to know more about his life and historian and do what we're doing right now. How he became who he became and what she did and and how do my grandmother to share the experience. Amazing. Thanks for sharing that by the way bad. Lastly, how can people find Joe ARCO? Are you on your obviously on social media and the ever website with he? Man? I'm actually hard not to find you just go to Google type. Joe ARCO, there's there's only two in the world and actually found another guy in the states who's also door. Can we talk on social media, which is hilarious. That's so cool because that guy actually has the Instagram handle Joe ARCO. So I'm Joe underscore, ARCO Instagram, Joe, underscore ARCO on Facebook, Georgia, one, Georgia dot com is my website that has all my stuff on there as well. Just go Google j. o. e. a. r. k. o. and you will find me pretty easily. Okay. And I, I just wanted to end with this. I think that the turning point for me was six months ago when we had to chat and you kind of code me out on my shit, so to speak. And I know that it's going to be a lot of people that are maybe in the fitness industry the I'll maybe stock they fit as not growing. They're going backwards very similar to where I was. They would need to do is reach out to you send you an Email can reach out to you on Instagram because I already feel that. Will you provide what you Sarah provide in the marketplace is is a really, really big deal on a feel that there's so much competition out there with so many other trainers that I feel that east China's that need to number one get out of their own and seek advice. Sika, mentor co, someone like yourself, someone like Sarah, that could got him along the white, very similar to what you did for jasmine tonight. So if somebody's listening right now and maybe stock, maybe they, they gone for a lot of adverse. Maybe they had their own gym and it's going to close because an upbringing enough business. Maybe they have gone through a ton of trials and tribulations, whatever the case may be if they had five minutes with you, Joe, what would you say to them? I've listened also, I would listen, I and see where they're at what they're doing, whether this is the right field for them want their mistakes are. I think the best coaches the best listeners I. So instead of me saying, here's what you need to do, I would just listen to see where they're at, where they wanna be what they're currently doing and then formulate a plan from their amazing. Awesome. Joe, thank you so much foot being on the persistence factor. This has been a crazy Cooper spoken for another hour because this I was just engaged and intrigued what you were saying to so many gills aways DM on other people that are listening and they get some phenomenal ideas and some concepts that I could start implementing their life again from from jasmine and I from the bottom of a hot. We appreciate you for everything you've done for us and what you're doing for the fitness community in terms of your profits and and mentorship program..

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