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And it follows the idea that says, if this came out, he would be absolutely floored and all of a sudden he comes out with an apology and people know that that that song is out there. So my question is what I I mean, obviously other than what does he have on Kanye? My question is is kinda done with this song not even coming out because is it worse for him if the song comes out and he can find a way to brush it off regardless of what it is or is it worse for him that it's in a vault somewhere? And it says, hey, this would. End cognac. That's what's interesting to me. Got smell that smoke. Did you just did you just ru- rub your red red beard against the microphone in a way that was scratchy and Anaya genyk. Yes, that's it. Yes. The other, the boring theory, the more boring theory would be this where Kim Kardashian who had to go on social media to deny that, you know she ever slept with Drake, just told kind Kanye. Look, it's getting to our marriage. These rumors are ridiculous. If you don't end this right now with an apology, we're in trouble. That's the boring answer, but I don't believe that to be true. Okay. So they're boring. I thought you were for sure going to come in with your mind, blown character. I've never seen you so engaged in anything that you engage in the soap opera gossip of the hip hop community. That is he's given you. Yeah, and it's and it's because people are holding back and then there's this whole other element of, do you know who j. prince hold on. Hold on then get ready for this ready for Jay prince. Go television show. I love it up c. j. prints is essentially like, I mean, he's a gangster like people are afraid of this man. And so the idea was j. prince told Drake, Naaman. We don't need you to. Put that out there like the gangster of like the guy that people go to to take care of things apparently, or he takes care of things. I have no idea. I wanna talk about if you leave now right now, two minutes. I know this Jake prince and we can't be speaking this way. Hear you leave right now for two minutes. Oh, thank you. Can I stay out for thirty two minutes? I missed the Gary Busey interview. Gary Busey joins us. Next donlevatar it's rich is instill in my material. It is Jimmy traina stealing. My material get outta here. Man was that was EMMY trainers, a media writer. I think at of out of New York who I haven't the likes to God's like I heard. This is the pivot of God's schmolly sales per. I happen to like Jimmy, like I don't know Jimmy, but I haven't a light Jimmy, Jimmy train us. Other guy would hang out with, I think you're pronouncing his name wrong by the way, but keeping move whatever. I like Jimmy BCC donlevatar show with his two guys on ESPN radio. Gary Busey has written the bible basic instructions before leaving earth. The bible beauty 'isms. This is what the big lebowski true. Grit actor Jeff bridges has to say about museums. The book get to know Gary Busey who wants told me he was an angel in an earth suit. Indeed, he is giving us messages he received from on high messages that inspire and support us in living a beautiful fulfilled life, get to know my dear friend, Gary Busey. He joins us now because his book is out his bible is out. Thank you, Gary. For joining us. I hear with you. How are you doing? Excellent, sir. You are a source of great positively. You are spreading. If you are indeed an angel inert suit, you know that, right? Yeah. I know that in this book is experiences that I've lived in my life. It's not about me. I'm not giving advice but a lane. You know what I've been through to show you that no matter what you're going through. You can get through it because easy when you believe in your truth and the word truth, t r u t h stands for taking real understanding to our and it's a beautiful place to be. When you know you have the truth, your winter, your victorious, you already got your metal, how, how hard was it to go through some of the stuff, the addiction, the bankruptcy, the motorcycle accident, the divorce you cover all of it in your book, how hard? How hard was it to revisit all of that?.

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