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Three Winky halls is named them all I've been an Tight I know Yes Sorry Well this. Mall Shuttle, as usual Oh he's Well thank for bringing. Him tonight turn. In Tokyo when your work, on my, I, loved Okay we ate I. Interviewed, that he block if you. Minutes ago that. The new president CEO of, h US Yep okay blocked by by having read car Upon game Winning because you walked from smells Smells hurricane animal Florida Right Two hundred hundred You really have up. In your heart animal activism us about how that animal Awhile bills and then Back home. We had some plays we got, a little On. My one of our You learned from your mind Yeah Her like, really really. Well Boozer For your, time logging, helpless animals Thanks a lot. Of another, one Yeah And When you're when you're live Animal to Thanks Bob really talk on He's Coming up, now France and Chilly alive France coming out tonight to support The why why is it Eighteen.

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