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That very very quickly. Katie was talking about. We were talking about these scooters. I like to call them the damn scooters, right? Yeah. They've got the line scooters. You've got these other kinds of guy just call them the damn scooters. They're all just, you know, they're, they're impacting communities all over America and here in Nashville, I my head literally exploded. So we just finally had our first I at death because of one of these scooters twenty six year old guy was on a scooter and he made a left turn right in front of a moving vehicle. And a vehicle ran the guy over and he's dead. And now the family is calling four scooters in Nashville to be to be banned in, so our mayor, she's just a numb nuts guy, this, this mayor came out. And he said something to the extent, Devon, I don't have it in front of me. But he said, yeah, you know, we may have to relook at this policy because, you know, obviously, we've done something wrong and people are now dying in what frustrated me about that was that it's common sense that somebody was, obviously going to die because of these scooters emergency rooms in Nashville. I'm sure this is the same in San Francisco. The number of people going to these emergency rooms is skyrocketing because of these things and we're not just talking about the people on the scooters. We're talking about people like me, and you who are smart enough, not to get onto the scooters, but we end up, you know, being knocked down by a scooter or whatever it is. Yeah. I'm seeing what you're. Your gem of a mayor said Nashville prides itself in being a friendly and welcoming city for the thousands of tourists. Visit visiting us each month, but we also must be a safe city based on what I've witnessed firsthand, the recent influx of scooters. Yes. In our city is causing us to be less safe and more visually cluttered, visually cluttered. Okay. We got we got worry, visually. We're worried about being visually cluttered, but, but that, that is interesting, though, because I hate to agree with our mayor Briley. But it really does clutter up the street. But that's the least of our problems. The problem is that people are as I said, people are dying and what I said it the time I wish I was one of those hosts that would flag the tape to prove that I'm right. Because a couple months ago, I said, it's only a matter of time before somebody dies on one of these things, and then I guarantee you, you're gonna have all of these various lawmakers saying, oh, these scooters have to go and sure enough. It was only a couple of months later, that sadly, somebody died, and one of the things that was brought up is when you are on one of these scooters, they don't necessarily give you any real training and my thought was, why don't they have you go to like the parking lot of titan stadium or something which is in downtown and. And. Takes some sort of a class, maybe a baby a driving class so that you at least know what it's like to be on one of these scooters. We have because you have one of those services here called scoot. And you can actually rent a motorized like moped. Yeah. And I see people on these things all the time and I'm like going. Do you have a licensed to ride that thing 'cause I'm pretty sure you're supposed to have an m one to get on one of those things, and it's almost like we need to develop like an S one? A scooter one to go you get people trained on these because first of all, they don't ride them in the right places. And second of all they go into traffic. Go into traffic. They're running we have, we had one incident here, where to scooters. They were both going. I forget how fast it was. But they were going fast. They ran into each other. Cheese. I would have paid money to see that. I that's what I said at the time. I just wish I so wish there was video of this. We don't the thing is the thing. Is this twenty six year old guy that died? I feel really bad for the family. And again, the family is now calling for these scooters to be banned. I guess my question would be this. People want to blame the scooters, people want to blame the city and I I understand that. And this gets into a very awkward conversation. The person that gets on the scooter when they don't necessarily know its power or how to use it. They are putting themselves in a very dangerous and precarious position. Yeah. That makes sense. Now. If you don't know how to if you haven't practiced on one of these scooters, and you're throwing yourself out there. Right. And yourself into traffic. God knows what's going to happen. Right. Your hand isn't all that. Yeah. Well, there was a, there is a video of a woman here in Nashville. It was almost comical, where she was on one of these scooters. And she looked to be a woman of a certain age, kind of like me. I'm fifty one and you know, she was on the scooter. She faced planted into the street. But as she's writing along this scooter, you watch the video, it's clear. She doesn't know how to drive this thing. And so as you watch the video you're saying to yourself because she's in the middle of traffic. You're saying to yourself. Off the scooter go to an empty parking lot. Learn how to ride the thing with some confidence because you're gonna hurt yourself, and that is, is exactly what happened. She hurt herself. Now, the flip side of that is that if you're on a scooter, Ed, you get more confident on it. Then you may not be as careful as you otherwise would to the bottom lies with the scooter just they've just gotta go. That's my two cents. I said that the other day they've just gotta go. Have you ever knocked one of them over? That's a really fun. That's the fun part. That's why they want him gone completely because they're you know, when you knock them over and alarm goes off. Oh, really? No. I haven't knocked went over. I, I will tell you that I have come very close as a lot of us have to either being hit by one or or, or hitting one so either way. But for a lot of people in, in towns, all across America, I know in Los Angeles. They also have a problem with these things people are getting hurt. And my question would be. And I asked this on the air the other day, and it seems to be like a gray area, which scares the living daylights out of me. So at what point will the city of my city of Nashville, or the city of San Francisco when are we going to start being held accountable for the stupid decisions of the scooter riders, and the scooter companies are we going to get to a point where the city is held liable? And we're going to start facing lawsuits because people are getting hurt. Oh, yeah. It's something interesting because I've never heard of a liability situation with these scooters. There must be there must be waivers. I don't know. But at least for me when I look at these stories about scooters, and I see these local politicians who they're all dour and sad. And in morning when somebody dies as they should be. But, like a lot of times, you wait until somebody is dead before you make the decision that you should have made months ago, I figured it out, we need scooter control. That's exactly what it is. We need. We need more scooter control. Is there a move in San Francisco? I know that you're reading the story there. So a here in Nashville, the mayor's now said that they need to look at all of these different scooter companies, and they've given them like thirty days to give a new proposal, as to how to stop people from dying and I don't know what really the mayor is trying to do. See here in Nashville. The, the local government gets an infusion of cash from these scooter companies. So if you put, you know five hundred scooters on the road. You know, I think we get a couple of hundred thousand dollars and Nashville is a city that is massively in debt, a somehow we're massively in debt, even though we're the it city. So this is a big money boon for the city of Nashville, which is why they are not necessarily as willing as they wanna be as they should be to take these scooters off the road. So I don't know if there's a movement in San Francisco to do the same thing. But I know that a lot of these communities are there's some communities. I think it was L Paso, Texas. They're even a passing laws. No New Orleans, New Orleans even passed a law banning the scooters before they could even start thinking about coming to New Orleans. Well, that would be a disaster on bourbon street, wouldn't it? Yeah. It would it very much. Yes. Can you imagine that? All right. It is. Seven forty four right here on talk radio five sixty K SF it started when he lost his job, then rejection turned into mood swings. And he sunk into a place. You couldn't reach he threatened ending it all. And you didn't know how to help but there is one thing you can do remove the gun for now..

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