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It's an even number so you want to stay in that garment you want to stay indoors is best as you can. Unless you're able to get cooled off. I know where super duper hi. It's hard to even stay indoors like seattle. You guys having one hundred and fifteen hundred twenty almost degree temperatures in. You're not used at so. Even your houses are prepared to cool. Maybe it's just standing in the shower sitting in the bathtub. Elevating your legs with like a cold towel on you probably totally naked so you can even cool off a little bit. That's going to help. You're needing any resources for getting in touch with a punt fitter a garment fitter a therapist. Please find my resources page for the podcast There's ways to find a therapist on there. You can find access to some of the pump companies are. I'm happy to help put you in touch Aeros medical is a sponsor of lengthening podcast I've always had really fantastic. Customer service with olympic press. They have been in my clinic since day. One of me learning about them and just the different garments that they provide so. I'm happy to help hook you up with them all day every day. Please just let me know. I wanna help you get the resources you need to deal with this heat wave so recap crazy. Busy month of june. My son tried one moved from texas to arkansas. We left arkansas to go to colorado for twelve days. We're back in arkansas. Trying to get moved in and settled. No internet no washer and dryer delivered yet because everything is backward. That's a story for another day and it's hot in. You already know this but if you need to get some relief if you have access to a body of water. Poll lake upon ended ocean a bathtub. Whatever it is and you can cool off. one foot of water is ten millimeters of mercury compression. And the deeper. You go the deeper. Your gradient compression is that you can't go in dive deep. Get in their way flat kick circles. Punch pull squat. Whatever your movements are that you can do do them to get that. Fluid moving and to cool off. Try to avoid the sun between the hours of ten. Am and four pm is that is when it is hottest and at its highest peak try a cooling garment something that has like cotton or moisture working in it. Something that is going to be a little bit more breathable but do not skip your compression. Do not skip bandaging or you're pumping or your mld self mld diaphragm breathing. Dry brushing whatever toll. You have in your toolbox. Don't skip it because that fluid is going to continue to build up. You're going to be out of compression and by the time you try to get back into said garment. It won't fit because you're fluid will have accumulated built up and it will be a road. You don't wanna follow because as you know getting back down into compression can sometimes be a pretty big challenge so please stick it out stay. Compressed stay in your garments stain. Your bandages whatever. You have to do for that lymphatic health. Please keep it going Hydrate guys. i hope you're having a great summer. It's been a crazy one and again. Thank you for the support from our new sponsors which we have the national anthem and network an aerospace medical joining us within the last month as always we have brian's feet foundation jusoh nettie usa support of guys listening. I mean that's just a huge point for me to keep going on. The sponsorship is nice. And i really love everyone that i work with for sponsorships but honestly i come back for you guys because i want to help share the information and the knowledge that i have in the new stuff that i'm learning so you guys huge kudos for listening This month of june. We hit over thirty thousand downloads for the podcasts. Thirty two thousand dollars. And i remember in like april. We were at twenty thousand so you guys have supervision showing up lately. I could not thank you enough for your support. I mean. I was amazed when i was at three hundred downloads. It's blowing up. And i just really appreciate every single person he listens. He subscribes who reaches out to me. An email i respond to you. If you email me. I'll email you back facebook instagram. If you get a hold of me. I will respond to you so i just really appreciate each and every one of you and i hope that this has been as helpful for you as it has been for me. I've made a lot of good friends. I've met some great people in network. And i try to pass all of that along to you guys. So i am going to go get some starbucks. Gonna find the charger for my laptop sucking. Get this edited and out to you guys. Thanks for being patient. As i'm transitioning like i said i don't have internet at our new place yet. There's something going on. Someone's going to come fix it eventually. But until then i'll becoming the starbucks During my son's snaps while my husband's home to stay with him. So thanks guys. I hope you enjoyed learning more about just whatever the heck is going on and betty's life month I can't wait to share with you is about. Can't watch me because that was an amazing two sessions that we had. I'm going to share it from the family's perspective the therapist perspective of kind of what me and brittany learn as founder and director of this event. So i can't wait to share all that with you and then shout out again. Aeros medical the national linfen. Even at work. Thank you for your support and your sponsorship The lynn has their in-person conference coming up october. Firstly fourth in boston. I will be there in person teaching the pediatric limpet dima lab. I hope to see you there. There are nine other sessions. I name them all. You can't obtain in an expert clinician recognition. If you come in complete all ten of these in-person hands on labs for those four days so if you didn't hear me it is nothing but hands on from some experts in the field telling you how to improve your clinical outcomes. Your clinical touch your skillset. I'm not gonna lie. I'm kinda disappointed. I'm a presenter. Because i would like to attend all of those sessions. Mother theresa says loneliness is the most terrible poverty. This podcast is here for you to find friendship and support for your journey with a month. Please email me your story. If you like to share lengthy mccaskey dot com or visit the website for more information video. Podcast limiting appologised is supported by steep foundation. Jusoh many usa national olympic demon network learn more about our sponsors by visiting the website podcasts dot com and listen to their episodes while you're there and..

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