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To go back to this idea of casting because it's sort of ties into the idea of making a film about surrogacy in a topic often people go out looking for people to make a film about gray they read a story or something and they or their wanting to make a film and they literally are casting we try to find somebody and in this case we met people and then we just fell in love with him and started filming we weren't trying to find oh a person who has been through a certain experience and therefore we won a film them and get their story we had no idea what the story was going to be sandra in particular is just magnetic hilarious but then he also had what seems like a very challenging childhood he lost his dad vary did you talk about what it means for him to have this really different life with his husband as he's talking about struggling growing up maybe not having a lot of money you know we're seeing him in a home filled with toys and books and games for the kids in tons of food and they can travel abroad did you talk about that contrast at all i think the contrast that was harder for sandro was that you can never be at home in a foreign country or he felt like he could never really be at home in the united states however if he went back to italy he couldn't live authentically as a gay man so there's this incredible tug about feeling at home and are a lot of the film is about attachment and bonding and and self acceptance and i think that's something that sandra we struggled with both self and being accepted by his family as a gay man so financially all of our characters are pretty well off and they have the ability to do this.

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