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Campaign on paulie never forget your first right right unless you and i believe it's true with all right now it's the truth on some of the people i've talked to though some people i know some people would prefer to forget their i really yeah i would i bet rags would be one of those guys oh god only knows i don't even want to hear his story his although with no in my friend rags his i might have been like with himself you'd have some weird story he commented on the two thousand ten giants sydney oh god yeah that's when he dropped the that's when he was peeking his giant fan interest actually started to skyrocket as well when we did document it with stuff like this guy that i ever wanna party with if i ever have chances that winds come got to throw the ball anybody can party that's that's a paulie mac's lifelong best pal rags from new jersey's an intense dude he tripled i got one on cope that's great copes is so good it's hard to get one on cope's it's like trying to hit a forehand roger federer when it comes it comes two thousand for that window if you wanna talk jack clark der eleven but also my brain as i get older it's getting worse and worse the best thing about that cut from rags is that he turns the three syllable lindsey come into a two syllable linski limit okay good here that's i like the subtlety like you notice that guy that i ever want to party with arab can't come yeah i think he's got point people were still trying to get to know who he was the president the former president of the united states can we people ask people asking the question why isn't college baseball as popular as college football and college basketball is not even in the same universe so what's the number one answer frequency of games is one answer aluminum bats aluminum is another answers i think the biggest one is the lack of direct lines from stars in college to stars in the pros like in college football you knew you know baker mayfield's going from oklahoma and he's going to be on your field this fall you know what i mean that's true and and saquon barkley he's going to go from happy valley on a saturday night on your abc game he's gonna be toting the rock week one in the nfl and same thing in hoops we just watched marvin bagley and de'andre eight and plan for airasia and duke right next thing you know they're in the nba where these kids go in baseball you have this long road before these guys make it and so many of them don't make it is so darn hearts that's one reason another reason is just kind of cultural that people have loved pro baseball forever and i don't know as a number of reasons aluminum bats number game now that said the college world series can be an incredibly dramatic thing it's the best of three which is actually kinda awesome and last night the arkansas razorbacks were one out away from winning the college world series they had oregon state they won game one at oregon state down three two in the ninth inning with a runner on third and two outs and a guy hits a foul pop behind first base do we have that cups or no we don't have it to we did you see it paulie the first baseman goes back we have it the second basement appears to have the best angle on it joe panic style the right fielders coming a little late three men converge nobody catches it extra for extra life for cayden grenier by the way it's your you got in college world series cadence kids cayden right and guess what the next pitch what oregon state another team another out maybe if this game was marketed more effectively rossi like first of all with college football you have it set up perfectly for the viewer you know all day saturday you're getting called like the college baseball world series game like this is a wednesday night on espn a lot of people didn't even know that game was on we'll guess what would now oregon state is tied it it's still not over there you know arkansas can win at the bottom of the ninth oh wait next batter trevor lar knock.

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