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Rather it's Taylor deep in Cyprus. Close, Sipa is back. This is crucial. He cocked his arm. He throws it and you can hold it can't hold. Its red Viper couldn't hold the ball. It was a little bit behind him. He couldn't hold the ball and it'll bring up fourth down here with nine minutes and 40 seconds remaining. Gradishar Campano were in there, but they had the ball been thrown on target. He would have called. He would have caught it. And so Michigan now with very got into the running. Standing on the Wolverine 37 yard line Guy Murdoch is over the ball in the midfield stripe. It's fourth down and 10. There's a snap and he gets it away and overran and campaign is going to allow it to hit the 54321 automatic touchback. Ohio takes over on their own 20. Life with nine minutes and 33 seconds remaining in the ballgame, a 49 yard pick your listening to Michigan football from Lear Field, MG College, Vibrant colors and Chris Paul breezes. Autumn in northern Michigan is more than savory harvest menus and scenic wonder tours. More than the perfect drive on the golf course or finding peace of mind at that spot. Fourth insiders shared around the warm bond fire. It's having all of those at your fingertips. You won't believe it. If you haven't seen it, get up and go at grand Travers resort dot com. John Daniels here from Chelsea Lumber thinking about a new kitchen or bath to enjoy..

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