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I hate those selfies. We're walking from dinner last night and Union Station. He was getting. Oh, Bernie. Sanders can have a selfie selfie. When they don't want Selby's anymore. That's when the problem. Yeah. Well, did you tell me. All right. Jeff Weaver, welcome here and welcome to the institute of politics. It's good to see you again, you come from as probably as close to being in Canada's one Katom. Tell me about Saint Albans, Vermont. Yes. So SAM's Vermont. Well, change a lot since I was a kid, it's was a conservative democratic area had more cows than people. I went to high school with substantial number of people who spoke French at home as a first language and your your your folks. Were y'all original French Canadian? Absolutely. Absolutely. My mother's maiden name of champagne. Exactly. So that's good. And that's French Canadian. So, yeah, you know those days the border was, you know, we talk about open borders. These days when I grew up the border with Quebec was basically an open border. You could drive back and forth waving being waved through. So there was a lot of a lot more interaction across the board than the than than there is now, certainly, but and you, Dan ran a pet shop, but added a pet shop. He did a bunch of jobs, but he his final job in life is having a pet store in insane Alban's which he loved very much. Also, he worked for many years that a utility as a late night, the person who called when your power went out, he would dispatch the trucks for folks. So it was a nice place to grow up. I mean, was obviously homogeneous in some ways. There were two Catholic church Irish Catholic church on the hill and a French Catholic church below the diverse. It was diverse and Irish Catholics. You know the, the major minority was Methodist. And I read somewhere that years later when you were working with Bernie Sanders, he was in your town and feel fielding oppress collar something in your dad's pet shop while the cockatoos were holdings four, three Ming, and the, you know, those as there was no cell phone. So when you wanted to call somebody, you had to find a telephone. So we went to my father's a pet store and he had this giant very beautiful cockatoo and it was screaming in the background, the AP reporter in montpelier the capital was said, Bernie, where are you? Sounds like you're in the jungle somewhere. I also remember driving with Bernie from one town to another late for a live radio show, and we were desperately looking for a payphone as the host is on the air saying, I don't know where mayor Sanders is, where could he be?.

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