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That's the idea that you're going to go to the good news yesterday which I wish we all want love the fact that they might actually have drugs that are going to trials that might actually help people drugs yes I thought that I heard on ten ten wins I heard Susan Richard say big news out of the White House was very excited about that the White House has been on the front page first thing I look at the front page it's not interesting it's like I saw it I kept seeing headlines yesterday of like a thirty four year old fellow who visited Disneyland and died of corona corona I thank you I'm like okay well this seems frightening let me dig into this story about the nineteenth paragraph and it you hear about all his medical conditions he had so that but that's not just like the Sean Payton now has coronavirus but he's got really very few sent them so we won't hear from him again for quite awhile well the football season starts I do know that I guess the Surgeon General is reaching out to athletes stars like Kevin Durant VS Sean Payton to I love the Surgeon General you do the end gives all the warnings yeah but he's good I like what he said was I forget his name but I remember C. Everett koop that really old Surgeon General he's back in the day like when like yeah he looked like the Kentucky fried chicken mascot is this true a look that colonel Sanders kind of but was hero and John Wayne was doing the Marlboro John Wayne who knows I know he was an old fella okay but this new Surgeon General we have I like him so he wants social media influencers sherry to now to push the corona virus messaging any mentioned as you said Kevin Durant's face Kylie Jenner to Kylie Jenner Jerry I think the thing that's going to solve this the key person will be the Surgeon General and Kylie Jenner getting together yeah those two little words together so that doctors found she is that he's yeah he's good too so he was on with the Barstow guys right yeah my take my take talking to the youth you attention you because no one's listening right now you demographic and how about this he reached out to them always ensure he has a right to get on the podcast very smart reach that young demo J. yeah but yeah I'm putting all my faith in Kylie Jenner right now I don't know about the rest of you but I'm looking at Kylie Jenner and varies Instagram models that when you're be locked in your office before you go to the cashier if I clear my cache I'm looking to different various like Instagram bot models to see if they can get the message out to all the young people Jerry well they're doing out there she was the ballerina and if the man in between twerking videos I'm hoping that they get the message out to young people there is a beach body video series yeah of work outs that I bill I might be the twenty one day fix with autumn Calabrese soul and a big part of that is to get your **** to look good right maybe you should do it get a little less that's very important because right now you're flat as a board I do have a flat but but now that I'm gonna start listening to Instagram models Kylie Jenner Kanye west I'm gonna really look to our leaders are you our leaders here in the U. S. all right well good luck with that for me I'd love for Bruce Springsteen to come out with something give me something Bruce tell me what I should be doing speaking of like influencers and yeah courageous because he might get my garbage can yelled so he had a tough day with the whole thing with the Andre Hopkins and I'm not so sure what he told us didn't happen because I don't think he would go out with that go on with that if that wasn't conveyed to him so he had said that the Andre Hopkins and the head coach bill o'brien bill Brian we're at we're at odds well sort of it is that in a meeting bill o'brien kind of referenced by Aaron Hernandez right and almost compared him to a younger Hernandez not the murderer but the way he was in his career thirties going down wrong paths and imagine the baby Mamas and all that baby Mamas and then the Andre Hopkins had to come out but Hey there's no issue we're cool but I do think he probably told Irvin that even though he didn't expect it to go anywhere Irving goes on then yesterday this whole thing with any what's funny I love corona beer corona light love that stuff your big corona guy Jerry I gotta be honest with you I'm not so sure I disagree with him he's getting killed first do you have the I have the tweet he said I don't want to hear how a career own it gets its lime while the corona viruses getting lives right weird to save me up but I'm gonna I I'd be lying if I said I didn't think about it it was weird there beer sales are all way down I. ninety percent right now and there is a sense that people don't want to see that name gaz I don't know I'm going to get it they're drinking beers as a get away from the virus and they don't want to see the corona name don't know the answer to that I I mean it doesn't offend me and if I have to go get beer I'll be happy to buy a case of a because I like it very good is one of my favorite beers it's fine I see you as like in the summer enjoying the corona lawyer all but in the winter I get really this seems like a winter beer to me I'm good with it their winter beers and their summer BC I'm not like Sam Adams came out with a real like a big collection of they're going to be other twos yeah well fair enough but a lot of people will say those are perfect yeah winter I like what I like and I just drink it whenever I see some sorry but corona beer you're not injured allowing right now we had last week couple few weeks ago actually I tried this it seemed disgusting it was actually quite good even better peanut butter flavored whiskey peanut butter whiskey yeah all right was not bad with jelly shots well that was the shot but now if you give me a great jelly whiskey shots yeah gather let out about R. Kelly Jerry how about that all right would you try that I will try that yeah I can let Mike whiskey guy I'm not either downland fries that liked it yeah was good I think you have to be a man in order to drink whiskey Jerry may not really what do you think the NBA players there's ten NBA players now with corona virus and Sean pay is the only known person in the NFL right and yet NFL teams have like fifty three man roster is all these big coaching staffs and be a not so much but they're an off season for them around each other against predatory I see also they might be in their house I guess who I and I haven't read enough of the story why did Sean Payton even get tested because I already have no symptoms real he said he was not feeling well we did okay but he has no respiratory since this goddess symptoms got it got it so he was not feeling well and he got the test I don't know where he got the test it's a bank card center no that's not ready to go yeah I tell you that when they open that up in New Jersey again your story about the traffic on the parkway it off at exit one twenty you'll be fine no I'm just saying that that's a huge area so they should be able to corral traffic sure another so it's not on the parkway well now because you got to take the exam then you're down around the bridge and you can't just show up and get a test drive I believe you just sign up online and I think you have to get a doctor okay you get a test I would think so you know although but that but that's the concern right now with the hospitals being overrun people are just running to the hospital where I was to contacting their doctor first one of those tele doctors where you do it on the phone or on the web stream worldwide yeah we're running an ad for that right now those doctors must see everything is that how you do online you're going to Roman nope more headlines but again that industry is at the at the head right yes the man sexual problems we're ahead of the curve in that but yes they you know you don't want to come into the doctor's ago is a work they know you'll do it online right so they started that and now everyone's going online well I think right now we can have to even like exercise classes you have to go on online date them you can go to the gym yes terrible terrible terrible Jerry yeah I know all right what exactly have break here are you gathered by his time on the other side yeah I was a little flustered right flustered not flustered at all and then when we come back he's got a really cool story about something I although I doubt boy I'm moving to different various like Instagram bot models are he might do that and then we'll come back and boomer NGO I hope will join us six on the fan.

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