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CDC changed its mask guidelines, President Biden spoke at the White House when your country ask you to get vaccinated. You did. American people stepped up. Here's the AP Soccer McGann, The CDC has eased guidelines for fully vaccinated Americans, saying they can stop social distancing and wearing masks, outdoors and crowds and in most indoor settings, you can start doing things that you had stopped doing because of the pandemic. Director Rachelle Belinsky calls it an exciting and powerful moment, one that quickly spread at the White House. We're fully vaccinated. Staffers were told masks are Longer required. The guidance still calls for everyone to wear masks while traveling and in places like hospitals, but it's expected to clear the way for reopening workplace schools and other venues. SOCCER Megane Washington The president says he doesn't think the Russian government was behind the ransomware attack on the colonial pipeline, which is back up and running. Biden does say those who carried out the attack are in Russia. That's where it came from. We're from Russia. We have been in direct communication with Moscow about the imperative for responsible countries to take decisive action against these RANSOMWARE networks. Texas legislators give final approval to a bill that would ban abortions as early as six weeks. Babies, Jackie Quinn reports. Texas becomes one of about a dozen states implementing so called Heartbeat bills, which ban abortion when technology can detect an electric flutter, which can occur before a woman even know she's pregnant. The bill also allows anyone to sue a doctor that performs abortions or seek damages against anyone who helps a woman get the procedure, including a friend who drives her proponents are actually hoping challenges to the bill will take the abortion issue back to the U. S. Supreme Court. This is AP News. Young teens and Tweens are getting their coronavirus shots. 14 year old Ava, crude singer in New Orleans, says this shot will let her see people smiles on their faces. It's not scary. It does not hurt Andre. It's such a relief. 14 year old Jesse Pollock was one of the first to get a shot in New York City. I just want everything in New York to be a safe as possible so we can try to get back to normal life again, his mom, Debra says. It's a step in the right direction. Now that all four of us are vaccinated. I'll feel a little bit more comfortable doing things like Having my mom visit travel, you know, go in the restaurant of advisers. Vaccine has been used for months and people 16 and older. I'm Ed Donahue. Philadelphia Health Commissioner, Dr Thomas Farley has resigned after Mayor Jim Kenney learned that Farley decided to cremate and dispose of the remains of the move. Bombing victims several years ago. Charlie's resignation comes on the 36th anniversary of the police bombing of the Black back to Nature group's headquarters, killing 11 people, including five Children. I'm Tim McGuire EP news to floor. The deputies who were fired for inaction during the Parkland School massacre in 2018 are expected to get their jobs back. A Broward County circuit judges ruled. Deputies Brian Miller and Joshua Stambaugh should be reinstated to their jobs with back pay. The ruling is based on a 180 day deadline for taking disciplinary action against law enforcement officers, which was missed. In both cases. Both law enforcement officers were faulted for waiting out. Side Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School instead of rushing in and confronting gunman, Nicholas Cruz. Ah, third deputy was also fired not only for driving away from the scene but also for failing to write up a tip that crews had been making threats on social media about shooting up a school. I'm Jackie Quinn mask changes I'm typical over than a P news minute. New guidance from the CDC is the fully vaccinated can stop wearing masks outdoors in crowds and in most endorse settings. Today. Is a great day for America President Biden as people who haven't finished, their shots have to protect themselves and those wearing masks should continue to be treated with respect. We've had too much conflict. Too much bitterness. Too much anger. Too much privatization of this issue about wearing masks. Let's put it to rest. The change follows the Lewis case number since September, the lowest number of deaths in a year and the fewest positive test since the start of the pandemic. A Marine Corps major stationed at Quantico, just outside Washington. D C has been charged with taking part in the January six insurrection at the Capitol, Major Christopher Warn. Aguirre's is the first active duty service member to be charged in the riot. Prosecutors say he was arrested today in Virginia. I'm to McGuire AP News I'm to McGuire the CBC calls its latest guidance of powerful moment long in the making, Maybe sarcoma. Ghani has more, the agency says fully vaccinated, Americans can now safely stop wearing masks outdoors and inside. Most places we all long for this moment when we can get back to some sense of normalcy director we shovel, Lansky says. Even those fully vaccinated should still wear masks while traveling. And inside facilities like hospitals. The change comes with a virus cases at their lowest rates in September and deaths, the lowest since last April. About 154 million Americans have received at least one vaccine dose and more than 117 million are fully vaccinated. But the new guidance is likely to cause some confusion. Since businesses and others have no way of knowing who is and is not vaccinated. Saga ROOM agony. Washington President Biden says the colonial fuel pipeline is running again but will not feel the effects at the pump immediately. This is not like flicking on a light switch. President warns against panic gas buying A pe Shelly Adler says some states don't have the usual gas supply..

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