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I always ask my staff. Give me the box score, even coaches look. Good box scores man is Lonzo ball of the Lakers. Fill up a box score, eight assists, twelve points. Five steals, six rebounds, five for ten as the Lakers beat the previously undefeated, Denver Nuggets at home. By the way, he is shooting. Now forty percent on threes. He is a very polished second-year player. The Lakers are two and one with Lonzo starting they'd be three. And now they lost to the Spurs and overtime if LeBron can hit a one free throw, they'd be three. And all with Lonzo ball. They are cleaner offensively with Lonzo. The ball moves better with Lonzo ball. The Lakers got run over two things. His I q and his toughness, but lonzo's Justice smart basketball player, and they got plenty of dogs on this team land to the dog Vail McGee Kyle Kuzma dogs aren't there issue? Here's the most impressive thing though about Lonzo ball when you come into the NBA or the NFL or major league baseball, and you have a couple of flaws, even the great ones. Do Magic Johnson couldn't shoot his first year in the league. So when you come into the league. Got a couple of flaws and one year later you corrected both of them. Damn. He came into the league, we looked up. The scouting report this morning doesn't have an NBA body. Worry about is three point shooting. His body's an NBA body in last night. Once again, his three point shooting is a real thing, folks. Derrick rose, John wall Westbrook. They've been in this league over ten years. They're big problems. They can't shoot the three. They still can't shoot it. They're big problems. Don't play well with others. They still don't play well with others. For Lonzo ball to come in the league. We knew a some stuff about him. Really good length plays. Well, with others terrific court vision doesn't turn it over that much considering how often he has the ball. We knew those things six six guard long. Great vision plays well with others. We just didn't know that NBA body. That's that's not an NBA body. Why don't you fix that? He fixed that nine months and three point shooting. It looks like I might oh, oh he fixed that too. That's what I say. Like when you come into the NFL, Patrick Mahomes, and you have a couple of issues and then a year later. I'm like, I don't know. He saw those issues. I mean Cam Newton having a pretty good year. But we're eight years in now he's just now getting the precision thing now and cams good. But we've been waiting for that thing for years to get that thing, I got taste something Lonzo ball's impressive. If you told me next ten years who's going to run the show here. Lebron's gone in four this kid's impressive here. Here's a moment. Last night with Lonzo ball. Three..

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