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Nineteen in the headline reads Walmart served Texas family graduation cake made of Styrofoam. One high school graduates party was ruined by a plastic foam cake covered in frosting and decorations. Nations according to Houston T._V. Station K. P. R. C. Marcy Florez the graduates mother told the T._V. Station that a Houston Area Walmart gave her a graduation cake made out of plastic foam for her daughter's special day after I failing to prepare a two tier cake the store offered her another smaller cake free of charge flora's said to make up for the initial mistake all was well until flora's went for a slice during the graduation graduation party when she realized that underneath the requested Vanilla frosting and a customized picture of her daughter was a sheet of foam quote they can't replace the moment that we lost Florez told the station. It's a special moment and this is what we got for it a styrofoam cake not only did they mess up one time. They did it twice and quote. The family received a sixty dollar gift card from Walmart after the incident Marcy told k. p. r. c. Okay so let me get this straight. A family goes into a Walmart and they order a two tier cake for their daughter's graduation and Walmart. Is You know that Hey nope sorry. We can't do the two tier cake <hes> yeah. I know we were supposed to get it to you but you know what we just didn't so we're going to give you a smaller cake for Free House here you go. It's already done. It's got her face on it. Here you go very nice and the frigging cake is made out a styrofoam. How does that work so did somebody there back in the bakery realize okay? There's like no way that we can make up a cake in time for this person. <hes> we don't have any sheet cakes baked and <hes> we just this notice the ticket lying on the floor. She supposed to be coming in to get this two tier cake. We got the we got the frosting part ready the little whatever it is that creates that picture on the frosty. We got that ready but we can do that in like five minutes but we don't have a cake to put it on. That's what takes the the the longtime is the pardon on the frigging cake and we don't have any what are we going to do and some dude stepped up and he said <hes>. Let's let's let's frost a sheet eight of Styrofoam. They'll never know the difference really they'll never know the difference <hes> yeah. They noticed the difference I don't I I don't know I just I don't get this. I don't get it at all. I just I'm almost speechless. I don't. I don't understand how this could happen. I understand that mistakes happen and I seriously doubt that they had like a I mean they. They made the front they they did the the custom frosting testing with her face in it so it's not like they accidentally oops oops oops. We accidentally frosted. She Styrofoam head. Does that happen. I don't get it. I don't understand how did that. It was a you know we we we reached for the cake and grabs him styrofoam but apparently that's what they did. Our second new story also comes from U._S._A.. Today in its from June fourth as well two thousand nineteen and the headline reads when Taco Bell runs out talk owes. Who Do you call one person reportedly called the police when a Louisiana Taco bell allegedly ran at a tacos consumer called the city's Police Department to report the travesty? The slidell police department took to facebook page Monday to share another. We can't make up this stuff story quote. Somebody called in to complain that the Taco Bell on God's boulevard ran out of both hard and soft Shell Tacos the Post said while this is truly Julia travesty. The police can't do anything about this. I'm not you know what that my original. My Gut feeling was to make fun of this but I have to assume anybody who is calling nine one one because a Taco. Oh Bell ran out of soft Shell tacos and Crunchy tacos <hes>. I have to assume that there is <hes>. There's some neurological issues there <hes> so you know what I'm not. I'M NOT GONNA. I'M NOT GONNA poke founded this person. They obviously need some help and that was the news now. It's time for the information uh-huh I learn something new every day for example I had no idea that the first Conan story written by Robert e Howard featured featured Conan as a king no idea at all not until recently see. I've always been a fair weather Conan Fan. My first exposure to the.

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