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Week distributing one and a half billion dollars in federal code nineteen relief from the cares act he says it will help boost the state's response but the move has drawn criticism from Republican lawmakers they call it it's not a unilateral moves Colorado congressman Scott Tipton says the treasury should look into the moving right now congressman Tipton joins us good morning good morning how are you Marty we're doing well thanks for joining us is the issue with how the governor allocated the Kerrs acts funds congressman or is it the fact that he didn't consult Colorado Republicans with what he was gonna do I think it was important to be able to consult with state legislature we did early on reading the letter we have that report came out of Colorado Karen dating not that the governor was going to unilaterally distribute the money at that time they were indicating to balance the state budget that didn't turn out to be the case but the governor written back to us stating that it was going to go through the state legislature meaning the JBC would put together the program and to be able to afford legislature for their but they haven't that did not turn out to be the case that the governor decided to make his own decision that determined how to be able to distribute the dollars so where is he putting the cures act money and where do you think it should be put where do Republican lawmakers think it should be put you know we have one point seven billion dollars came back yet in Congress we want to be able to give resources back to York County back towards savings back to our tribal entities to be able to help worthy of note that five of our largest communities in Colorado we're able to get a direct appropriation out of treasury so it's important to be able to get these resources back out to our smaller communities that's what I'll continue to and will continue to advocate for to make sure that we're all Coloradans included in the programs we have a lot of neat at that we all recognize there isn't a family community that has not been impacted by code nineteen so there are certainly needs that are out there I think the bottle prosje going through the state legislature to be able to hear from all parties from urban and rural Colorado Democrats and Republicans in terms of allocating funds to be an appropriate way to be able to handle put dollars even if the governor is I could've been proper to show collaboration is the obligated to do so where does he have the right to basically direct the money where he thinks it should go you know that sold only going to be a termination the treasury's going to have to look into we feel that it's important to make sure that all voices are going to be heard all concerns are heard as well you know talking to people in our district and a lot of the challenges on the western slope Colorado we obviously had something that we treasure most probably the thing in the state our public lands that they're not taxable we only realized help funds to be able to come back that a lot of economic shortfalls we visited the hospitals visited with number of chamber of commerce's throughout our district and businesses that have been forced to shut down not providing tax revenue that's coming into the state but their bills continue to follow though it be able to make sure that we're doing the best we can with a huge amount of money with perforated about two point eight trillion dollars out to the country to be able to try and address a lot of the concerns and covered nineteen we know they're going to be more challenges going forward as we're getting the economy to slowly open back up to be able to get some bridges to prosperity bill once again but there's something that we need to be thoughtful on if we were to talk to the governor I'm not sure what he would say about why he did what he did but maybe some of it has to do with the need for speed he wants to get money where it needs to go quickly without the slowdown that frankly debate can call us I can certainly understand that just you know this one point seven trillion dollars billion dollars that came to Colorado at the dinner for weeks have been available for weeks and so I think that communication obviously we're all doing either soon conferences teleconferences right now we can have those conversations and being able to adapt and to be able to get that thought process going legislatures now back in session and I think they need to be able to have a voice as well are you concerned that this move congressman will have a baby helps it will stifle some of the Colorado's re re opening in and getting the economy back on track all right I'm actually encouraged to be able to see a lot of our business is now moving we are having conference calls regularly to federal delegation which governor to be able to get moved to open back up businesses and to be able to do it safely that's something that we all embrace but we do recognize we have to be able to get people back to work and be thoughtful in how we open that we can create a win win and say compartments to be able to work this out also getting people back to work will you be in Colorado for Memorial Day weekend and if so will your frequent businesses that are open we well and you know we're currently and I would just say for a home order that is in place right now and Sir you're getting wanted to travel but we're going to get out trying to be able to support our businesses our hometown we obviously reached out to a lot of local restaurants for someone to take out of the date had timber hardware stores are open up women visited with folks who are working there some nurseries as well and you know they're optimistic that if we can get the economy fully open that they're going to be able to get some recovery congressman Scott Tipton is always congressman thank you for your time thank you yeah April Marty get to be with you at seven thirty right now your newscast on the way John Morris drive.

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