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Climate pollution ended by twenty fifty and forty percent of clean energy funds to be invested going to disadvantaged communities, that suffered the brunt of climate and traditional pollution effects. So governor, are you for the climate and community Protection Act? Yes, there are a number of bills out of that are moving around. And we started I propose, the green new deal before there was a green new deal being. Discussed nationwide. This state has the most aggressive green new deal legislation and program in, in the nation by far we just banned plastic bags, and we're going to ask the largest wind turbine program, the United States of America, a worker retraining program. We have twenty forty years ago for a carbon free electric, but I don't want to do Brian is give people a political placebo, where we put forth dates and goals that we cannot make I believe this is the most pressing issue of our time, but I don't wanna play politics with it. And I don't wanna tell people we can move to a carbon-free economy in a period of time that I know that we. Can't says you're saying twenty thirty and twenty fifty those particular benchmarks are not realistic in your opinion today. That I will make as a said, there are a number of deadlines, and there are nuances on the deadlines, but as aggressively as it can be done. I will favor an I will do it. We are now in the midst of the most aggressive transition in the country, but I don't want to play politics with it. You know, when you talk about this transition for the economy, you remember what you're talking about fossil fuels. No carbon emissions. No airplanes. No trains that run on diesel all electric cars closing all the power plants. This is a mess of transformation. And I know the politics now is we can do everything by tomorrow. I've never done that I've never said to the people of this state. I've never put fourth goal, that I don't believe is realistic, and that we can't meet, and we have the most realistic goal in the United States of America. If we can do it faster. Nobody is going to accuse me of not being aggressive and not trying to move heaven and how to get things done. We always have, and that's what we're talking to now with the legislature, but I'm not gonna just play politics with it, and tell people tomorrow, we're going to have a carbon-free free economy because it's not true. You, you did and put climate legislation on the top ten list that you would announce for the end of the session. Why not? The top ten list is with now ten days left this shortlist of things that I hope we can get done. If we can get climate change also done. Great. But in ten days, you're talking about rent regulation, marijuana driver's license for undocumented legalising surrogacy that we just spoke about which is very hard, the ER Ray, which is very hard changing the state's sexual harassment laws that is very hard and do statute of limitations for raping the second and third, which is hard. I want outlawed the gay panic defense, which is just bizarre where as a defense to attacking a gay person you can now say, well, I didn't know the person was gay. And when I found out the person was a member of the BT, Q community. I was so emotionally distressed. I attack them prevailing wage legislation minority. Women business enterprise legislation. I want wanna change pay equity laws for women. We still don't have pay equity laws for women were still at eighty eight cents to a man's dollar in New York. I want the legislature to pass special prosecutor legislation against police misconduct. They were supposed to do three years ago. I did it by an executive order because the legislature wouldn't add, but an executive order, I dropped tomorrow. Brian, it goes away. It's only my big Tate..

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