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Interest tag they actually made art right tagging me is not necessarily art but art is our enemy when you're like putting the effort and you make some something it's in the eye of the beholder yeah carolyn are you a a street artist on the side i wish i think the really often sphere it yeah i like that when people get the street ours to do like the side of they're building i think that's cool the are murals or things like that but it's an interesting among the ours is outlaws though how there's this constant pushed towards as some street art is more accepted murals yachting's like that that the true graffiti artist believes that they need to be island where the felonious no matter what an ana barkeeps being raised his flag that is where you need by the way if you put spray paint on my property i know this is totally illegal i i believe i should have the opportunity if it's pride my private property to electrify my law right you know what i'm saying now not to harm you but to give you you now putting your tongue on a ninevolt battery i wanted to feel like that if you spray pay my private property without my permission that your tongue in a ninevolt battery i say do last week why are you lying while it's while good point speaking of it's good memory daytoday naseeruddin remained like doing that last week heckling because it wasn't as good if it memories it should have been and know what your best memory you have won best memory mia caroline hasn't handy maybe not i think when i graduated college i got a puppy a pug puppy inside k that was what up there as when my best memories after the best string of memories would have been a uh my crossed first crosscountry trip just a little while up to college five weeks on the road movie go to california yeah men memories but a collection of them for not mind was the night i met my wife i mean i'm dead serious uh unbelievable how awesome that name was in so many ways so cool great great memory in fact um like the annual you've got to.

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