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So give me the master's music then so we can talk about Joe Morgan. You made him feel bad Hall of Famer Joe Morgan. It was better than the Van Halen tribute, Right? Definitely wass good Twitter questions that have been brought to you by Mark Stiller's marks Jewelers and Montgomery Ville. They're 25,000 square foot showroom online, Mark Siphon jewelers. Dot com. So Brandon Brandon Graham shows coming up here. It's six o'clock we'll talk about. You know, the defense. That was a was a tough game yesterday for the defense and Brandon talked about after the game, how they're making the same mistakes on the field they've been making in practice. So that's coming up. Yeah, giving up. 38 is never fun. No Not that you guys did that a lot here. At least not after Andy took over and no on Lee when we played against Peyton Manning. Yeah, you could see it happening again for 38. Nothing to the Seahawks in 1998. 0 Lord. Yeah, that was But that wasn't Jim Johnson. No, that was under emit in rage and Ray and Yeah, I was at that game. Actually, Somehow I thought that was going to be a different outcomes. You bill Oh, pretty sure that I boo or did I drink eight natural Isis in the parking lot? Both. Let's take it to the Marx Series Text line brought to you by our friends at the casino with Delaware Park. Delaware Park is open for gaming Live racing sports wagering in golf. Visit Delaware park dot com. Lottery agent for the Delaware Lottery must be 21 to play much. Next line Text text line. Do.

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